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  1. vPilot ignores buttons that were already showing as pressed when you set your PTT. Not sure why it wouldn't ignore that mode switch. Any other X52 users having this issue? I forgot one thing: I tried to clear button 24 with the clear PTT button, but it immediately set button 24 again without me having a chance to pick a different button. EDIT:***************** I finally got it to work by reinstalling vPilot.
  2. My apologies if this was already covered, I couldn't find it. My Saitek X52 (not pro version) has a mode switch that seems to show button 24,25, or 26 pressed in whichever position the mode switch is in. This interferes with my setting a PTT button. Is there a way to make vPilot ignore those buttons when choosing a PTT joystick button?
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