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  1. Christ. I thought you wanted to observe as a pilot! I had no indication. lol Disregard my post if that's the case!
  2. You don't necessarily "get" a callsign unless you are with a Virtual Airline. A callsign is simply the identification you appear under radar and to other planes. You can go ahead and make any callsign you want, but if you are just observing I suggest you use a civil aviation callsign... starting with an "N"... example "N237G9".
  3. What has papa bear have to do with that? (That's what Stephen Colbert calls O'Reilly)
  4. Im quite confused as well. The problem was that the host itself had its entire server space hacked, including all the domains and different individuals inside. The host had to get a new space, transfer the backed-up files, and get set up I suppose. Hopefully Wes or Dustin can clarify better than I can.
  5. It should be up by the end of this week. We're still waiting on the nameservers to change over to the new space. It is taking a long time, but we'll see it soon. If you want information about controlling etc, hop on the teamspeak. If you e-mail me, admin (at) vatprc.net, I will send you the ip.
  6. can people mind their business and leave me alone? This is our business. When you bring it to these forums it becomes public. If you want it to remain your business and if you want people to leave you alone, then take your conversation with Scott to e-mails or MSN etc. Personal matters and personal attacks are best left out and individual posts deleted altogether. Understand this Joe, I have nothing against you or your VA, but I really am surprised at the lack of maturity displayed throughout this entire thread. And you repeating posts over and over is a bit annoying.
  7. What are you talking about? This was posted in the Fly-Ins forum and here. I can't think of two more appropriate places to post. This was in the VATUSA forum and was moved by a moderator. Rgr. I thought something like that.
  8. What are you talking about? This was posted in the Fly-Ins forum and here. I can't think of two more appropriate places to post.
  9. I checked my e-mail this morning and saw two e-mails from Jeff Turner. I will not share the contents of this e-mail. I only ask if the rest of VATUSA received these e-mails. The contents indicated to me that someone has hijacked his address and used it for malicious purposes. Someone please confirm this.
  10. I read a little more in the main page, and it appears this is actually the website for a private airport/flying club! That guy who wrote those things is actually the owner of the field. Heh.
  11. I happened to stumble upon this website randomly through a google search... what is he talking about? http://potomac-airfield.com/newsletters/5-14-03.htm Some of it really cracked me up though.
  12. I'm sure we'll come to a mutual conclusion in the end. Much more planning and discussion is required though. Right now theres just so much red tape to cut through with copyrights on charts, then retainment of controllers, increasing traffic, website setbacks, etc. Not easy.
  13. Call me Jay and I'll call you Jewon. Point taken. No hard feelings, it's all about having fun right?
  14. What you stated regarding the language barrier is an issue that the development of VATPRC is facing. We are letting IVAO take all the traffic and the controllers, simply because IVAO requires controllers to use Chinese and English. If we required Chinese, foreign controllers would not be able to control. Domestic traffic would all go to IVAO if we just had English controllers (Chinese pilots prefer to speak Chinese). Am I wrong in [Mod - Happy Thoughts]uming VATKOR lacks domestic traffic due to this reason? I know VATKOR requires only English, and not Korean. Let me know.
  15. Mr. Lee, VATPRC does not consider itself as an official division, as you can see on our website. Otherwise, at this moment I am being told that by showing any type of affiliation with VATROC, we are acknowledging that Taiwan is an independent country contrary to it being considered a part of the People's Republic of China. I am being told that the Chinese government consideres VATPRC to be an entity representing the People's Republic of China because of the name, despite efforts to nullify any affiliation. Furthermore, the development team and some other individuals with VATSIM are concer
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