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  1. This one is similar to a AVWeb Short Final I believe. Once when working a fairly busy evening on GND/DEL, I was getting tired and was getting close to signing off. As I was working both Ground and Delivery, I was fairly busy issuing taxi instructions and clearances. When one aircraft called me for clearance and another immediately called for taxi, I said something like this: We had a good laugh about this one afterwards. Needless to say, I logged off soon after and took a long nap.
  2. Congrats all! Excellent choices all around. VATUSA is definitely in good hands.
  3. December 17, 1903 - The Wright Brothers make the first controlled, heavier-than-air flight in Kitty Hawk, NC. December 17, 2007 - The virtual Boston ARTCC staffs up to commemorate this memorable day in aviation! To remember this important milestone in aviation history, the virtual Boston ARTCC will be running things a bit differently. This week, rather than staffing our major Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] B field, we will be staffing two of our smaller Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] Cs, Portland Int'l (KPWM) and Bangor Int'l (KBGR). Flights between these airports and their satellites are highl
  4. Nate, I for one find this very interesting! I have always been curious about how the real systems actually work when compared to what we have on VATSIM. Maybe, our radar clients will continue to become more and more realistic Just one question though. When you create the initial datablock after clearing him off the airport, the altitude shows just an "N". Does the computer not yet [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ociate the datablock with a flight plan? I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume so, but I just want to make absolutely sure. One would think that the cruise altitude would be displayed without havi
  5. This sounds like a great idea! Just one question: Are you going to be training your pilots wherever they wish, or are you going to have a limited number of hubs where you train?
  6. Congrats Gary! A very good choice for the position. Have fun up there. RE
  7. This happens because the sector file has the name of the SID/STAR listed on every line instead of just on the first line. In previous versions, this was not a problem because VRC just ignored duplicate names I guess. However, when the change was made from alphabetical diagrams to in the order they are entered, this changed. Clicking on any one of the diagrams will bring up the entire diagram under that name. The solution is to simply remove the name of the SID/STAR from every line except the first.
  8. In real life, PHL_APP never closes, unless there is a fire or something in the facility. Therefore, in real life, it doesn't matter what Center KPHL lies in. Since _APP staffing is much less consistent on VATSIM, it is generally agreed that if an _APP is offline but _CTR is, the _CTR controller will cover that _APP airspace. So technically, PHL does lie in ZDC airspace. However, since PHL_APP is under the jurisdiction of New York Center (this isnt anything official - just something agreed to by ZDC and ZNY), NY_CTR will control KPHL.
  9. According to the ZHU ARTCC SOP (real-world), there are two completely non-radar oceanic sectors - the Ocean East (OCNE) and Ocean West (OCNW). Both of these sectors begin at 60 - 80 miles off the US coast and extend down to latitude 2425N. See the Sector Narratives below: Enjoy!
  10. Try looking through the VRC forums (http://www.metacraft.com/VRC/forums/) and seeing if this is one of the Known Bugs. If not, post it as a Bug Report there. The VRC forum will probably get you a quicker answer to your problem. Cheers!
  11. Thanks for all your hard work Jeff. VATUSA was really changed for the better while you were running it. I'm sure every controller and pilot over the USA will appreciate all the time you have devoted to making VATSIM a better place to be.
  12. Ahhh.. thank you very much! 1 more question, is there a standard beginning to callsigns? for example, all callsigns registered in the UK might begin with EN-XXX, German callsigns begin with GR-XXX, for example? Or are they all just random letters? (it is only letters, correct? no numbers?)
  13. Thanks! I'm suprised I didnt think of that before. It definetly makes sense.
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