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  1. Hello, I am using vpilot latest version as my pilot client. I am also flying shared cockpit (SC) very frequently. When in SC flying, my copilot and I use Skype to talk to each other and vpilot also runs. Up till the latest version, I was able to control the level of the audio I was listening via the Windows 10 volume mixer - which made it very easy to tune, especially in cases when for example there was a controller on line but you had to do a checklist and wanted to hear your copilot louder and controller in the background. With the latest version, you can decrease (or increase) th
  2. Good morning, Also reporting that I get disconnected today after about 10 minutes each time. I am logged to a controller channel. Speed at the moment: Down: 43.16 Mbps Up: 4.42 Mbps
  3. Do you by any chance have anything else playing at the same time on your PC (in terms of sound)? There is a windows setting that if something else is playing at the same time, a sound source is reduced by 80% or something. Another thing: have you setup both input & output devices?
  4. I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume you have checked from the stand alone client that your mic & headset are set correctly. Do you by any chance have something else open (ie Skype)? Have you checked the windows volume mixer?
  5. So is it working with the ATC?
  6. Could it be because you are in the ground and other aircraft are far away. When in the ground, range is limited to 15miles I think. Have you tried to connect to a manned airport position?
  7. Hello and welcome to VATSIM forums. First and foremost: Do not use or buy pirated software. It is illegal, it hurts the hobby and people are working hard to create whatever we use. FSX (boxed or steam) is one of the sims supported by VATSIM. In order to connect you need a pilot client. I would suggest vPilot, which is really straight forward on how to setup and use.
  8. Excellent! Well done guys! Hope it becomes available soon for all.
  9. To be honest, I do not know that. The normal thing would be not to, given that the any other user can or may connect with the same callsign yet another type of aircraft.
  10. Hi Josh, Thanks for the heads up. I changed the permissions and they should be OK now. If not, please advise via PM so that I upload them somewhere else.
  11. Hi Ross, I will try my best to describe the functionality in FSInn. Please note that the below are set in a network environment. FS PC runs Windows 7 64bit and FSX and the nonFS PC runs Windows 10 64bit. From the FSInn control panel, you have an option to see the pic below: In this case we see the aircrafts connected on the multiplayer session. Let’s say that VNC103 is matched and displayed with a model I wish to change. I select it and I see that it is matched with a MALEV 737-800 AI Model. I then press the blue box with the three little dots. On the following screen
  12. Hi Ross, First of all a big, great thank you. I am a member of VATSIM since the days of SB2.3 where you had to open up SB Relay to get connected! We have definately moved forward from that and your program is a major leap ahead. So, once again, thank you for your time and work. I have installed v2 and it is my first time using vPilot. It works flawlesly in a network environment and shared cockpit also seems to work OK. My only "problem" (and I admit that I have not read extensively on the issue) is that the model matching needs some fiddling so as to bring it up to the level that I
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