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  1. Try recompiling your plugins, there were some internal changes to RadarTrack.
  2. Yes and no, level and speed changes are supported and will affect the trajectory calculation but metric units are not currently incorporated eg. M087F400 will work, your example won’t (yet) Radar coupling is 20nm radius of ADEP and ADES and 7nm either side of the route. These are the RAM alert parameters and you can change them in alerts.xml
  3. Nice one. You can get heading from the RadarTrack or predicted heading from the FDR (there's no helper function in Track for that).
  4. Track.GetGroundspeed() will return the correct ground speed to display (from either the FDR or RadarTrack depending on what type of Track it is)
  5. Hi Konstantin 1. This is already possible by configuring ATIS.xml in the dataset (compare the New Zealand and Australia profiles as an example on how you can customise) 2. This is also currently possible, but would require you to program a plug-in to add in the new label items. Documentation is not finished yet, but there is an example here: https://www.virtualairtrafficsystem.com/docs/sdk/
  6. Hi Sam Please follow these instructions to "Save All Information" and DM me the DxDiag.txt/xml so that I can learn more about your PC setup
  7. Hi I plan on adding metric support, but it is not yet complete.
  8. vatSys is doing a lot in the background and relies on multithreading / gpu acceleration to run smoothly. Euroscope is a very different beast. Goodluck
  9. What you’re experiencing is probably a performance issue. That CPU is a likely bottleneck.
  10. Hi Pepijn Do not run the AFV Stand-alone Client at the same time as vatSys. What are your computer specs?
  11. The font has not installed properly, try restarting your pc after running the installer
  12. vatSys has an integrated solution (which uses a mumble server) simulating proper hot and cold coordination lines. That will continue until AFV is upgraded.
  13. That could be the case. I don’t know how registry keys etc. work in that case. I can’t really provide support for non-windows environments, sorry.
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