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  1. Hi Jannis Some primitive tools and their source code for converting between various formats are here: https://github.com/vatSys/xml-tools As well as an (incomplete) explanation of files here: https://virtualairtrafficsystem.com/docs/dpk/
  2. Yes The format must be followed exactly, including padding with zeros eg. 9.328N 32E is +09.328+032.0/
  3. I have added options in Misc.xml to suppress warning messages and the toggle the auto-assignment of SSR codes, see here: https://virtualairtrafficsystem.com/docs/dpk/#assr I won't be enabling the assignment of non-discrete codes as that will mess with the radar coupling logic
  4. vatSys doesn't allow any non-discrete codes to be assigned. Is there a reason you currently allocate them? Would it not be better to have no code or just not assign the automatically allocated one? I'll need to add an option to disable the errors for incorrect code on Mode S couple
  5. Updated 21/11/2020 Available Now : (* Included with installer) Australia (YMMM/YBBB)* Pacific (AYPM/NFFF)* ATOP Oakland (KZAK)* ATOP Anchorage (PAZA)* South Pacific (NFFF/NTTT/NZZO/NZCM)* World (Supervisors) Known in development: Mexico Brazil New Zealand Toronto If you are developing for vatSys and would like to be included in the above list / with the installer please send me a PM.
  6. Add this to Misc.xml <BRL LabelType="Extended" /> 🙂
  7. 1. That is odd that the reciprocal bearing is different. vatSys will continue providing the great circle bearing with respect to displayed north (true or magnetic) and I'll add the format option for you. 2. I don't mind having 2 or 3 Mexican profiles ship with vatSys - the profiles themselves are not included with the installer, instead vatSys downloads them the first time they are loaded. You could either separate the units that use different colours into their own profiles, or duplicate the whole airspace (you could easily script this to automate) with the only difference being colours.
  8. 1. Its not hard for me to add a BRL format option. Watch this space. The display may be rotated to magnetic north by defining a MagneticVariation attribute in the Position definition. This will cause BRLs to read magnetic. Note Australia uses the same version of Eurocat you have pictured - and magnetic north is only used for TMA positions with a small enough range that the variation change across the screen is negligible. 2. I think the best solution for you is to maintain multiple profiles. There is already a selection screen and mechanism in place to deal with that. I suspect
  9. It’s actually a feature of the real system too (except for the copy bit)
  10. Set level filters in the tools menu (these only filter non-jurisdiction tracks)
  11. You can now display a lat lon point at the cursor position using the "Add LatLon" keyboard command (defaults to F10). Right click the text label to copy to clipboard in ISO format
  12. No. Neither are hard to implement but as the map symbols need to be rendered in a particular way for performance it will require a fair amount of work to generalise that part of the code. Other things to fix first.
  13. Actually on looking closer at your images - it appears APP north and south don't change depending on runway? If that is case I would have 3 Volumes, North South and Director - with the director volume encompassing both runway directions. The volumes will then map nicely to each sector and the dynamic infill will update as you need.
  14. vatSys does detect the controller coming online and remove that sector from your controlled sectors automatically. However, the downside of using one common volume for the 4 sectors is the dynamic infill map will not change, so in this case you won't "see" it being taken. You can of course create maps though that correspond to the airspace setup (infills, lines, labels, etc.) that the user can toggle. This is what we do in real life.
  15. Yes, that should be fairly easy to add. In the meantime the GRIB window (F12 by default) will show the cursor coordinates.
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