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  1. Hi Stace Double check that your password is correct, and that you're using an OBS callsign (eg. SH_OBS) and Position is set to OBS. Note: Your password is case sensitive for AFV but isn't for VATSIM. This can cause you to connect to the VATSIM FSD server successfully but your AFV connection gets rejected.
  2. DEM will download if needed. Like I said though, don't worry about it for now. You see a blank screen after you've selected a Position from Settings -> Positions? And displayed maps from the Maps menu?
  3. Hi Charan As a minimum you'd need to define a Position to select from the Positions menu, some Maps to display airspace boundaries etc., and a Radar definition if you want to see surveilance tracks (Radar coverage is always simulated in vatSys). To be able to control with it, you'd also need Volume(s) and Sectors defined to get strips displayed to your position. If you don't define your own Airspace items in Airspace.xml you're relying solely on the Navigraph data. Additionally, <SystemRunways> must be defined in Airspace.xml to be able to assign runways, SIDs & STAR
  4. The vatSys plugin environment does not allow access to VSCS, so it's likely not possible (I don't know exactly how a streamdeck works). I've seen people use tablets/iPads as remote touchscreen monitors, which works nicely.
  5. Open explorer and navigate to: %localappdata%\Sawbe.com Delete all folders in that directory. This will reset your saved user settings, I suspect something has been corrupted.
  6. Hi Michael, That code has been reported elsewhere in the forums (it’s coming from AFV) a couple of times I recommend giving some of those solutions a go.
  7. Hang tight, @John Golinis working on a plugin / Australian vStrips adaptation as we speak
  8. Essentially what you see used in the Aus profile are all that’s available. If you have any programming experience, it is easy enough to create more in a plug-in https://virtualairtrafficsystem.com/docs/sdk/ (check out the example)
  9. Keep the <SystemRunways>, delete just the <SIDSTARs> section...
  10. Remove these definitions if you want to use the Navigraph data. As I said above, it’s one or the other. No mixing and matching currently.
  11. Attach your Airspace.xml file as it stands now
  12. I can only provide limited support sorry, those tools are provided with source code (on the vatsys GitHub) if you or somebody else in the division has any programming experience. They’re not complicated
  13. Hi Alec I won’t be home for a few days, so can’t look at it closely. You can check your regex matches the Navigraph names online, I use https://regex101.com
  14. They will need to be separate maps. Maps may be loaded automatically when you select a Position, see Positions.xml
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