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  1. https://vatsys.sawbe.com/downloads/changelog.html
  2. Downed server, but also a bug as it should let you load still. Back up and running now
  3. Not currently, no. The last few builds have been minor bug fixes only.
  4. Try ”n” to “Weld Nearby Coordinates”
  5. Excellent news, glad it’s sorted.
  6. Thanks Tony. The log confirms that it is Microsoft's System.Speech library hanging. I've no idea what could be causing this, but given it's only occurring for you, I guess there is something misconfigured or corrupted on your PC. You could try running Microsoft's .NET repair tool: https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/download/details.aspx?id=30135
  7. Tony, Please download https://vatsys.sawbe.com/downloads/Logging.zip and extract to "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\vatSys\bin\" overwriting. Connect (ignore the prompt to update), create an ATIS and hit Save. Then send me the resulting running_log.txt from vatSys Files.
  8. Navigraph data is located in Documents\vatSys Files. You should not use this for Airspace.xml as it is most likely not allowed by Navigraph. Typically divisions can extract local data from their national AIP, I see that Brasil has https://aisweb.decea.gov.br/?i=publicacoes&p=aip
  9. Cleber, vatSys will search Navigraph data if it cannot find a definition in Airspace.xml - however the included free dataset is cycle 1901. If you have a Navigraph subscription you can update this data, but it is not a good idea for divisions to rely on their members to have a paid subscription for accurate local data. https://github.com/vatSys/xml-tools are the only tools I have created, for generating a complete Airspace.xml you will need to create more tools yourself or work with another profile creator.
  10. Jake Saw

    error log

    <Point Name="MISRI" Type="Fix">+515635.9980+072853.000</Point>
  11. Tony, There will be a new build tonight with some minor ATIS changes. I doubt anything will change for you, but it will be worth a try. In the meantime, in addition to Zach's suggestion you could also try installing the windows update you mentioned - but again, I'm doubtful. After tonights build is out, I'll likely need to compile a build just for you with detailed logging so we can see what is occurring when you hit Save.
  12. Jake Saw

    error log

    The xmltools are example programs (with source code), not complete solutions. Attach your updated file.
  13. Jake Saw

    error log

    Koen, The majority of your longitudes are not in the correct format +483505.431+133018.809 Should be: +483505.431+0133018.809 (longitude must be 3 digit degrees)
  14. Everything looks normal as far as I can tell. Have you tried selecting a different TTS voice in vatSys?
  15. vatSys needs permission to modify its documents folder. Try running as admin and ensuring there are no antivirus programs interfering.
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