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  1. It happened with the FSLabs A320 but also with the PMDG 737
  2. To clarify the problem. ATC sees me as an target on their radar. Sometimes other traffic see me and sometimes they don't. A very frustrating problem because I like Swift more then Vpilot.
  3. When I disconnect an connect again people could see me. And no I wasn’t connected as an observer.
  4. I have a problem with other online traffic who can't see me. ATC can see me so there is some other problem then me not being connected. I'm wondering if someone has a suggestion to this very annoying problem?
  5. No that doesn't do the trick. If you enter 1100 in meters convert to feet you get 36000 ft, That isn't correct it should be FL361 or 36100 ft.
  6. You can't enter FL361 for flying in China. I know you can use the S1100 option but ATC like you to file FL361. You can only file FL360 or FL365. Can you please correct that in the next build?
  7. You can get if you buy an AIRAC update from http://www.navigraph.com/
  8. Well tried that but that did not work. After a lot of restarts I have the civil airlines packages download. Now busy with the Cargo airlines. As said some other users complained about this error. It also happened to someone when there where only 550 connections.
  9. Ross, The problem is with AVSIM. Some other users complain about not able to download. AVSIM response is that the problem is caused by to many connections. Some users have tried this on several times on a day and get the same problem. I hop AVSIM will investigate. Until then I have to download them one at the time
  10. The error is in Dutch so that won't help you very much. I give a translation. Error downloading package: The external server has returned an error (421). Service not available, control connection closed. I have download the packages beforer without any problems. But due to an complete re install of my system I lost them. I can download it but it takes very long. It runs for a few packages and then I get this error. First time I tried it was yesterday evening, so I figured maybe traffic on AVSIM is dense. But this morning I had the same result.
  11. Tried to download the packages with the package downloader. But after a few packages I get an 421 error. Any ideas how to solve this?
  12. Hi Marcel, That is for a really short period. Can't finde the europe C server anymore. Now i'm connected with the UK1 server. I'm i doing something wrong or is the server down. Martin Maaskant
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