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  1. I just got the original files again. I could send them to you, along with my attempts at modifying them. PM me with your e-mail addresses, if you want. Ron
  2. No, I have a PC (using Vista). I wouldnt even begin to know how to use a Mac or Linux.
  3. Nope, that's not it either. I tried removing the blank line and running everything together but I'm getting the same response. I'll just get the original files and re-install them. I'll let you guys know when I do so, and perhaps you can walk me thru this and get it corrected. Thanks, Ron
  4. Thanks, Harold......that seemed easy enough, until I actually tried modifying the files. Now, when I start the ACSim program and open an aircraft file, the response is "Server error....Invalid Callsign". Here are the contents of one of the files. Perhaps you can spot the error: DAL1423,7001,33.989165,-84.894532,135,14000,330,1500 I,MD88,455,KORD,0,0,300,KATL,0,0, RMG3 /V/ TRS711,7002,34.081052,-85.016312,135,14000,330,1500 I,B712,455,KMEM,0,0,300,KATL,0,0, RMG3 /V/ TRS172,7003,34.189433,-85.185363,135,14000,330,1500 I,B737,455,KDFW,0,0,300,KATL,0,0, RMG3 /V/ UAL893,7004,34.2
  5. Greetings all......happy hollidays Is there a way to edit the ACSim situation files to (virtually) indicate that each airplane can receive voice. This is not a major issue, but it would eliminate each plane's data tag showing the "?" after their call sign. Otherwise, it is necessary to hit F9 + V for every aircraft, everytime the sim is run. Like I said, this is not a deal breaker, but more of an annoyance. Many thanks Ron
  6. Rey, Why not just do like Ralph Kramden and tell (not explain, TELL) your wife that you are "the king of the castle, and she is nothing but a peasant". If you get hit on the head with a frying pan, don't come looking for me. Ron
  7. Still no luck. At this point, I have no idea why it's not working. I've created a "print screen" file of what's in my FS9/add- on scenery/scenery folder. My e-mail address is [email protected] If you want, you could e-mail me with your address and I could send the JPEG file to you. thanks, Ron
  8. Jason, The file can be found at Avsim.com....just put "Christian Brettrager" in the search area. Only that one file in question will come up. It should be noted that in the ZAU ARTCC forum (page 2..."New Ohare Afcad") this file is also discussed, and at least 1 other person successfully loaded it.
  9. and yes....I've tried closing FS and restarting it. That doesnt work either.
  10. Grrrr.....still doesnt work. When I click on the "add area" button, I'm getting what looks like a menu with all the FS9 items (just like when you look at files on your computer). I can click on ADD- ON SCENERY, which beings me several items in that folder (scenery, texture, DEN, CYYZ2007, etc) I added those other files (Denver and Toronto) a while back, and they work fine. When I double click on SCENERY which is where I placed the KORD afcad, nothing happens. There's no list of files in that folder, therefore there's nothing that can be added to the "scenery area" list. But I know there are fi
  11. Luke, I just checked to make sure the above file is where it should be. It's in FS9/Add-on scenery/scenery. In that scenery folder, in addition to the AF_KORD.bgl file, I also see afcad files for a few other airports (DEN/IAH/LAS/MSP). I then started FS9, went to the "settings" area, and clicked on "scenery area" and then "add area". The FS9 directory pops up, and I double clicked on "add on scenery", then double clicked on "scenery". After I do that, there's nothing left to do. There are no files in the scenery folder to add, in fact the "select scenery area" is blank at that point. How c
  12. Guys, OK....the man in the mirror is getting self conscious As an example, I (yes....it was me....lol) downloaded from AVSIM a file created by Christian Brettrager. Here's the "read me" file": _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Simply place the included file in your Flight Simulator 9\Addon Scenery\Scenery folder and you are done. This updates your runway 27L-9R to 28-10. Also changes old rnwy 18-36 to taxiway GG. Author Christian Brettrager [email protected] _________________
  13. Greetings all, To protect the innocent, I won't tell you who this dummy is, but I have a....er...."friend" who can't figure out how to install a scenery update that reflacts the new KORD runways (10/28 and 9R/27). "He" loads it according to the instructions, but nothing happpens and the same default scenery shows up. Can someone please explain, in simple terms, how to install it. and I will tell this to my "friend". Also, any suggestions on which specific file to use (from AVSIM or whichever site provides these files) will be appreciated. Many thanks, Ron....and his.....um..."friend"
  14. Greetings, The Atlanta ARTCC website has been dead for a few days. Any word as to any resuscitation efforts? Thanks, Ron
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