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  1. Thanks for the link Chad, unfortunately no RAF callsigns listed! Oh well, guess I'll just have to log on as RRR or RAF and see where I get with ATC!
  2. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone could enlighten me on the subject of callsigns. When connecting to VATSIM using SB3, as we all know, an aircraft callsign must be entered. Normally an airline identifier code and flight number are entered such as BAW956. This particular code relates to British Airways and the callsign Speedbird, flight 956. My problem is two fold. Firstly, where do you find the airline identifier codes? So far I have resorted to using the logos file downloaded with Servinfo, I would have thought there is an easier way than trawling through dozens of thumbnail
  3. Well thanks again Dave, now I see the light, all has become clear! Just didn't realise FSNAV did so much. I'm off to register my copy now so I can fly my add-on A/C and not be scared of controllers changing my route mid flight! Thanks again, you're a diamond, Jon
  4. Hi Dave, Thanks for your swift reply. I figured the best way to fly the longer routes was with an FMC equipped A/C. I've got FSNAV but didn't realise that each time you started it, it counted as one free use, probably why it wouldn't export, need to purchase it now! Any idea if you can modify A/C to use the FMC? I've got a fair few add-on A/C but unfortunately only 1 uses FMC (and I think that's out of date, SID and STAR wise!) Tahnks again for your help
  5. Hi everyone, I'm new to the world of VATSIM and during my short time online have encountered many problems with flight plans. Controllers have often asked me to alter my plan while airbourne which completely confused me as all I've ever used are FS2002 plans uploaded to the GPS. Now, I have realised that this isn't such a big deal as using an FMC equipped A/c enables me to re plan in flight relatively easily. HOWEVER, on recently filing a plan constructed using FS2002 flight planner I was informed by ATC that it was no good and that FSNAV is a better way of route planning. OK, so planned a rou
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