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  1. last night I did one leg it was awesome, LPPR EIDW, PMDG 744
  2. anyone know why this site , Montreal FIR is down. Im tryin to get charts to do an Air Canada flight this isn't workin ou to well. It was just up several hours ago.
  3. WOW what bummer, that sucks. As far as ARTCC Conventions how is a pilot suppose to interact in that. He or she will have to decide which one to attend and I don't think I would like to try and decide I would rather attend a Convention that is organized by the entire VATUSA but whatever is decided then it will be.
  4. The date is getting closer and I would really like to see a hotel for us. The Hilton Atlanta seems like a awesome spot for the Convention I was just checking it out. Well how about it at the Hilton. I called for some Conference room rates and they'll be calling me back ASAP.
  5. Can someone put the 2007 convention site back up, thanks that would be sweet, because the site just reloads the current page.
  6. Where's the photos from 2007 VATUSA Convention, now that the Anchorage site has changed. Is the link to the Convention website down temporarily or what ? It just goes straight back to main site. Still like to see the pics no what I mean
  7. I think we should definitely continue the VATUSA Convention's there awesome. Vegas was very good and ATL should be better. I mean the local event's can still be put together, don't you think. In my opnion we should still have it, I mean I'm sure theres many folks out there that would still love to come. The Convention could host another ARTCC flyin as well as pilots on the side flying from there PC and/or notebook.
  8. Thats because your fsnav database is not up to date. The updates are available at www.navigraph.com there you will download and install the current nav cycle which is 0708. The cycles keep changing higher usually about every 2-3 months. It cost about 2 bucks a cycle.
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