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  1. Hello All, This is my first post but have been on VATSIM since 2005. I'm currently a P3 VATSIM Pilot, and a Private Pilot. I don't know what still stands in the way (if anything) for the below, but see it as essential that this list is now prioritised: 1. Audio Codec 2. AC position update rate improvement 3. Min P1 standard for Pilots - it's basic aviation, and politeness The work that's gone into VATSIM is huge - and I would hate to see that losing out to some Wall St guy and that Bellend guy. We must be able to find a better amb[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ador than this. Happ
  2. Many thanks indeed all for your responses and support. Firstly - apologies for any suggestion of an attack. I beleive there might have been a minor language barrier (and the over-use of exclaimation marks) - and some of the SUPs comments were possibly taken, by me, in the wrong way. When posted last night, I was annoyed at the embuggerance of handling this at 4000ft when my PF was on base leg and needed me to working with him. Sorry. I should have edited out the names and in response to Gunnar - thank you, duly noted. -- Secondly - I understand the process of connecting as
  3. Hello All, Great work on the latest beta - shared cockpit working really well in my VA on the A320. Really well that is - until this happened tonight -- [21:25:22] SUP: Hi Michael, my name is [removed]I am VATSIM supervisor [21:25:25] SUP: Are you there? [21:25:39] BAW0472A: hello sir, im here [21:26:05] SUP: sorry, we are verifying that the connection is not neglected! [21:26:14] BAW0472A: with baw0472, in shared cockpit [21:33:33] SUP: I remind you that the OBS option is only to be used as aerial observer of control! [21:33:47] SUP: not for use as a s
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