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  1. Dear Friends, Thanks you very much for your words of support, thanks God I have been recovering in the last weeks and still I must stay at home for a few more weeks. I will need to be operated again to rearrange my internal parts in order that everything work fine again but it will be done when the doctor decides it. In the meantime I am just reading, watching tv, making some small exercises of arms and legs because I lost about 30 kgs in this process. I have a great desire to rejoin back to the community and work for this as I have always done. I take this opportunity to cong
  2. Hello Joaquin, As Javier said the Colombia FIR is working now in a new web site, however Colombia FIR is making an event for September 30 named MEGA Fly in Colombia and the charts have been loaded to this link: http://www.flycol.org/flyin/es/charts.html I hope you find all the charts you need and you are welcome to participate in our MEGA FLy.. Best regards Jesus Betancourt Vatsim South America Regional Director VATSA1
  3. Hello Howard, Many thanks for your post, I will convey it to our Divsion Director in order he takes some steps on this matter, it will be very helpfull to Pilots intending to fly in our skies. Hugs Jesus Betancourt VATSA1
  4. Hi Howard, A pleasure to have you visiting us in Venezuela. Regards Jesus Betancourt VATSA1
  5. Hi Howard, If you has plan to visit Venezuelan Airports we have just uploaded all the venezuelan charts, you can visit this link: http://svzm.org.ve/portal/Paginas/Cartas.html Have a nice flight. Best regards Jesus Betancourt Regional Director Vatsim South America VATSA1
  6. Estimado Juan Pablo, Por lo que cuentas tu problema pareciera ser video o memoria, tal como dice Nicolas, dejanos saber la configuracion de tu maquina a fin de tener un mejor enfoque y poder ayudarte. Una pregunta antes te fallaba igual o desde un tiempo para aca. Quedamos a la espera de tus comentarios. Jesus Betancourt VATSA1
  7. Hola Christian, El Maiquetia Real 2007 esta proyectado realizarlo despues de la Copa America 2007, posiblemente para el Sabado 28 de Julio, de todas maneras se confirmara la fecha oportunamente. Saludos Jesus Betancourt VATSIM Regional Director Sur America VATSA1
  8. Dear Guilherme, As far as I know in VATSIM there is only one UNICOM Frequency and it is 122.800, and is compulsory to use it worldwide when we are flying online in VATSIM Networks in a area without ATC/Controllers. Please refer to the VATSIM Code of Conduct, B. Pilot Conduct, paragraph 7 7. Pilots flying through uncontrolled airspace should set their VHF radio frequency to 122.80 or other designated “Unicomâ€
  9. Hola Diego, Puedes contactar a Christian Eme ( [email protected] ) que es el Jefe del FIR o a Luis Garcia ( [email protected] ) Saludos Jesus Betancourt VATSA1
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