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  1. Prepar3D v5.2 is performing AND looking great!
  2. Willkommen | Welcome On behalf of LH-Virtual.com I would like to inform you that we have reopened our VA, counting by the time over 600 pilots, 35+ daily flights and 1200 routes. A new website with new features, always up-to-date real flight plan, SOP and airline specific simbrief profiles. Enjoy time on our own Discord server and above all VAMSYS integration! We look forward to your visit 🥳 http://www.lh-virtual.com
  3. Hi, there are some screenshots of my last flights with the newest Sharklets release from FlightSim Labs 🙂
  4. Tbh, I did not change anything apart the style like colors but now it works again without issues here. Maybe a nvidia driver issue that they fixed with the latest? However, its working here again 🙂
  5. I can confirm that 😄 You want remote to my desktop/pc to check?
  6. I can report the same here. Apparently its only since a few days (maybe 2..3? Don´t know). It loads on my primary screen, checking for updates and the moment it openes the map (on my second screen), its freezing and crashing. Never had issues before. Could it also be that its caused by the newest Intel (driver) Graphics driver update which I made some days ago?
  7. I will suggest the idea of "unsuccessful election" from the system to politics and Lotto here in Germany. Cool idea to prefer people who were unsuccessful last time for the next time to be honest. Means half of the slots next time are already "blocked". What so ever - I understand the fact that the number of pilots increasing is sadly not the same on the controller side but maybe thats also a point to VATSIM to allow easier ATC training or to change the region to become a ATC somewhere else? Restrictions for example to control a certain time in a region before you're able to move is k
  8. But this is a never ending unhappiness story here. Next time half of the people will not get a slot again.... Why not making 2 slot-opening dates within a week to differrent times - so everybody can PLAN.
  9. Thats not an argument. Cross the Pond is not just to Cross the Pond. Its all about the number of traffic and ATC which makes the event amazing and insane. The separation of opening bookings for certain routes was a cool idea. Maybe you could have separated these "events" another time to another day. You feel a bit like you "lost" a lottery rather than feeling "ok, I was too slow. Better luck next time" 😄
  10. Don´t cry? He just complained in a normal way. Calm down 🙂 The lottery system + no pos reports is the wrong way to change the behavior of getting a slot and manage CTP. Sad Anyway: Have fun everybody.
  11. Some of my last flights. More can be found with the link in my signature
  12. Hi there! Could you update us if there will be a new update with all changed published until now (new airspace, etc.) and for example LTFM included in some time? Or is there any page where we can find minor updates to included for our vat-spy?
  13. Hi, general CTP question: Will there be a station available for CPDLC via Hoppie? I guess sometimes we should start providing that service due to the amount of Pilots and always to less controllers. Thanks
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