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  1. I will suggest the idea of "unsuccessful election" from the system to politics and Lotto here in Germany. Cool idea to prefer people who were unsuccessful last time for the next time to be honest. Means half of the slots next time are already "blocked". What so ever - I understand the fact that the number of pilots increasing is sadly not the same on the controller side but maybe thats also a point to VATSIM to allow easier ATC training or to change the region to become a ATC somewhere else? Restrictions for example to control a certain time in a region before you're able to move is k
  2. But this is a never ending unhappiness story here. Next time half of the people will not get a slot again.... Why not making 2 slot-opening dates within a week to differrent times - so everybody can PLAN.
  3. Thats not an argument. Cross the Pond is not just to Cross the Pond. Its all about the number of traffic and ATC which makes the event amazing and insane. The separation of opening bookings for certain routes was a cool idea. Maybe you could have separated these "events" another time to another day. You feel a bit like you "lost" a lottery rather than feeling "ok, I was too slow. Better luck next time" 😄
  4. Don´t cry? He just complained in a normal way. Calm down 🙂 The lottery system + no pos reports is the wrong way to change the behavior of getting a slot and manage CTP. Sad Anyway: Have fun everybody.
  5. Some of my last flights. More can be found with the link in my signature
  6. Hi there! Could you update us if there will be a new update with all changed published until now (new airspace, etc.) and for example LTFM included in some time? Or is there any page where we can find minor updates to included for our vat-spy?
  7. Hi, general CTP question: Will there be a station available for CPDLC via Hoppie? I guess sometimes we should start providing that service due to the amount of Pilots and always to less controllers. Thanks
  8. Hi, is there any possible idea how we can change the fact that people use the real callsign but are offset to the real times/routes etc. ? I wanted to take a real flight today on VATSIM but the callsign was already in use as someone departed 2 hours earlier already (4 hours earlier than the real flight). It could be possible maybe with a range. Within a range of 500nm, the callsign only once. Or a bit more difficult: The login on vPilot with Callsign, Selcal and Registration. During the connection, a unique user-code gets created and linked to the callsign, registration and selcal
  9. Good info! But I've just got the info that the package I was talking about is illegally collected from different AI developers so I deleted all links and so on.
  10. Hi Ross, sure - I am VERY in love with vPilot. Its a really simple pilot client with everything what you need. Thanks for this! But could you check if its possible to included a feature which was one of my favorite: To select for a online pilot a model on my choice! Its actually with v4 of P3D really annoing to have such a lot of Regional Jets flying around or to see a friend flying next to me with a AI model except with a PMDG model. I have no idea if its possible - requested by a lot but its my thought. Thanks Timm
  11. Hi guys, I've been using IVAO MTL for some years now but I heard that they are not compatible for v4 or maybe some of the models. So I would like to open this thread to get your opinions which AI tool/addon/package is the best actually to use for v4. I just spend a dollar for SPAI Traffic V6.3 but a lot of planes doesnt have correct or any AI model shown in P3D v4. Thanks a lot! Timm
  12. Indeed, a very positive and nice message from their side! Which could also mean that they will update the A32x series as well. I really hope that PMDG is going to do this step as well as the "FMC page" is already clickable but not linked to a tool/software. Thanks for the news!
  13. Hi guys, as a user of the Aerosoft A320 (future A330), PMDG 777 and the PMDG 747, I am wondering why the companies do not implement a feature like CPDLC into the plane. Is there any restriction by the network? No Interface? Just think about all 777, 747 and A330 pilots have CPDLC available and using it. It could help everybody and increase the realism as well! Maybe someone can explain me this. Thanks a lot Timm
  14. VATSIM Online Day Discover the World! Fly to your favorite destination - with a friend or alone! Lets show VATSIM who we are, how much we are and what we can do! Lets bring our 252 airplanes all around the globe. Fly online on VATSIM! www.vatsim.net Book your flight on the book section as well. Sign Up Now:https://uae-virtual.com/index.php/ccevents/event/5 www.uae-virtual.com
  15. The new VACC Austria opened on the 1st July, 2008 and for more information visit: www.vacc-austria.org Wish you all the best!
  16. An new update: ATC-TD => Christoph Piel [810816] Chief EVENT/PR => Daniel Raetzel [946945] is new Chief. Deputy EVENT/PR => Kai Bock [955925] EDWW Cief => Jörg Büsing [983922] EDWW Dep. Chief => Paul Holtkamp [841307] EDBB Chief => Marcus Wietholz [870778] EDBB Dep. Chief => Thorbjörn Schönbeck [881214] EDMM Chief => Rainer Brinkschulte [811970] EDMM Dep. Chief => Thorsten Zoerner [906808] EDFF Chief => Matthias Schmitz [905157] EDFF Dep. Chief => Kay Wesche [991619] EDLL Chief => Peter Herrman [887329] EDLL Dep. Chie
  17. Hi Ross, It's a pity that you don´t make a future programm as ServInfo. Because DLMN is also a great programm but it can not give the hand to servinfo,... Thx a lot!
  18. Ross, sorry for the a bit off-topic question but are you not able to creat a programm as ServInfo for the VATSIM and Ixxx Netzwerk-User? I think you are the best programmer here and...you made very very good tools for us all! Please give your best, use a much time and creat a new ServInfo Version with all features who´s actuall now. (Weather, Route [you can view the Route who is filed], ...) I think...you are the best man for it...and I think...the style must be a bit the same as ServInfo... Thx and have a nice evening! Best regarts, Timm Rehberg
  19. Where can I find an contact adress of the director of the MALTA VACC? I will do an Groupflight on 28th July, 2007 from EDDK to LMML. Please help me Thx!
  20. Good evening guys, I have a question. I will do ATC at DTMB and I´am am now controller of the SwissFIR of the VACC-SAG. I have to seen that are no activ controller for DTMB and my questions are: What must I do, that i can do DTMB_APP or other Monastir positions? Best regarts, Timm Rehberg
  21. Hello Michal Rok. First, you have made an very great and good program! So every programs after the release has some bugs. It´s not bad... Sorry for my english (15 years) a) zoom in the MAP-Mode? I don´t know b) The watherpicture isn´t perfect.. Wind direction, wind strength ....Forcast Monday? c) I can´t call the single FIR´s in Germany d) Route "Westerland/EDXW" - "Frankfurt/EDDF" are able but "Frankfurt/EDDF" - "Westerland/EDXW" are not able or in the flightplan system. ?! e) All routes from (exp.) EDDF/Frankfurt at one picture?! EDDF - xxx OMDB, EDDM, EDDH, L
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