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  1. You could just put the servers in your myservers.txt file, that should have all of them there.
  2. you can listen to virtual pilots talking to atc via squawkbox...well if you're flying on vatsim,you need to file 2 flights,1 on vatsim itself and 1 on squawkbox. Lak You can either prefile on VATSIM, OR file through squawkbox. You don't need to do both.
  3. I'll provide tower services to an airport IF the airport is open in the real world. Most Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] D's close at night, so after hours, I'll treat it as uncontrolled, just like in RW.
  4. I have slightly higher equipment than that, 1.8ghz processor, 512 mb vid car, and about 3 gigs of RAM. FS2004 I get about 40 locked not online, and about 30-40 online. Textures load kind of slow, ONLY in high traffic areas. I like the setup.
  5. Once the transfer is approved, get in touch with their ATM or training staff to get started.
  6. I've spent about 45 minutes to an hour in a cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] delta tower underlying C90's airspace, KARR. Using the radar feed from C90, they had a single monitor in the cab. Did the tower controller use it the entire time? Of course not. More than 98% of the time she was looking out the windows, and would glance every now and then. She also never "used" the radar, to tag guys or what not, just used it a visual reference, as said before. Another thing to go along with this topic, the "tower" mode on VRC is very unrealistic. The best thing to do is set your mode to ARTS, and enable
  7. I'll probably be showing up around the later portion of the event, 74AP.
  8. There have been MANY instances in where I've been flying VFR, on a VFR code, under the cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] bravo, and have gotten told by the approach controller to contact them. I carry up to date sectionals, and am always aware where I am in relation to Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] B/C/D airspace. And I know for a fact, I am clear of their airspace. Some small Ga airports, are embedded within a Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] Bravo, for example, Schaumburg airport in chicago, is just 6 miles west of KORD. When I'm flying VFR, staying clear of controlled airspace, and I get told to contact
  9. This would be very cool, if and ONLY if, EVERYONE had the exact same weather, in the same exact spot. I think until then, adding this feature would only lower realism.
  10. I had an experience where an new pilot asked where the paper towels were on the airport so he could wipe his windshield off. He started getting angry with me, no joke. I called over a supervisor and lets just say he didn't get to look for any towels... Before he was disconnected he said, "Maybe LAX will have some paper towels!" I felt like PMing whoever was working ZLA and giving them the heads up.
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