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  1. Yeah, that's because it's only for the ILS, so it only will allow you to set the last two digits to those which correspond with ILS frequencies; you should never find an ILS frequency which can't be entered in there. If you're wanting to tune a VOR Frequency, you do that by the side of the Captain and FO's AFDS on the main panel. You'll see you have two options. AUTO and MANUAL, if you put it in Manual it will allow you to tune it yourself, the AUTO function is used otherwise, and the purpose of that is position verification, basically the FMC will update it with nearby VOR Stations to check f
  2. Not true, there's nothing a game needs to do to use SLI, it's all in the driver. FSX is simply so CPU bound that it rarely makes a difference. See here (note that that post is pre-SP1). Matt, are you running any service packs for FSX? SP1 especially made a huge difference in performance for multi-core machines, and SP2 had a small fix for quad-core specifically iirc. A game needs to be optimised and correctly set up for it to work with SLi, and that isn't the end-consumer's doing; it would have to be done by Microsoft. Norman is right that FSX doesn't take advantage of SLi and the rea
  3. If getting a Quad core, which I wouldn't even advise in the first place, there's no point getting anything above the Q6600. Especially since they can be easily clocked to speeds beyond the QX9770 in a matter of minutes.
  4. But the actual Panel files are .DLLs? At least that's what I remember from BETA testing FSX.
  5. Don't forget, if it's originally a FS2004 A/C, then everything will work (Model, Sound, VC), but the Panel & Gauges, because it's a different format in FSX.
  6. I take it you have an Nvidia Graphics Card, if you have you've probably set the AA to above 4x. Simply put your AA to 4x or Below and it will be fine. If that isn't the problem, then run SB outside of FS.
  7. Yeah apologise I misread your previous message, I thought you were saying the SHT flights are only for flights LHR - LGW, or similar.
  8. No SHT flights aren't only from Heathrow or Gatwick. Here are a list of Airports BA operate out of under the SHT Callsign LHR LGW MAN Newcastle Aberdeen Edinburgh Glasgow Also RAF Saint Mawgan That's all UK Domestic airports they cover. BTW They operate only A319/A320/B733's on these routes, although there is of course the odd occasion when it changes, last year a 777-200 was put on LHR-MAN.
  9. It's basically any domestic Flight within the UK that determines it as a SHT flight.
  10. Yeah considering a lot of BA operations will be moving to T5 BAvirtual will be rescheduling (could take a few months to retreive all the new data though) but if you pull up at T5 on VATSIM it obviously won't be a problem as it isn't a neccesity for Pilots to load up at the correct Terminals based on their Airline. In regards to Airport Scenery, yes all the major scenery will get an AFCAD update, which is basically a file entailing the positions of the taxiways, gates and runways. Possibly also there will be some remodelling and texturing from Aerosoft for the T5 update.
  11. Look in that topic you've just made all about this issue. Hypocritically you talk about how your extra accounts are "wasting bandwidth", although you seem to forget that making topics like those also wastes bandwidth.
  12. Have you ever heard of a great thing called "Lost P[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word" on the main VATSIM site. It's probably better if you know about "Lost P[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word" before you have 200 accounts because "you forgot the p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word".
  13. There's already SERTS doing a fantastic job with LGW. There's already Capital doing a fantastic job with LHR. We have AIS which covers pretty much every single chart for every single airport in the UK.
  14. Now what is that stupid awnser for, you telling me basically to get lost and leave vatsim and that im not welcome. No he's telling you that what you want out of VATSIM, would be more suited MS Gaming Zone. To be honest, I agree. VATSIM is far too established for people to just join and then come up with ideas that's already been discussed or done. You'd get a better reception from the MS Gaming Zone.
  15. . Ahh ok so they're not the same! Do you think you'll plan to incorperate the VATSIM prefile webpage into Vroute. I personally would like it, so it makes a prefile so you pick it up through SB or FSINN and the controller does with VATBOOK. Have it on the Export page for the RTE maybe to below "Export Format" have a button saying Vatsim Prefile? I think this would really enhance Vroute!
  16. I made a VATBOOK on Vroute but it didn't appear on Servinfo as a prefile! Is that suppose to happen?
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