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  1. [VIRTUAL] OPEN POSITION Director of Public Relations | Amman, Jordan Public Relations is the heart and soul of an airline’s image. At Arabian Airlines, the Director of Public Relations is among the most important and demanding staff positions. Working closely with the airline’s CEO, the Director of Public Relations pushes the airline’s image out into the world and interacts with pilots and staff alike in keeping the airline’s high cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] profile intact. Responsibilities include: (1) directing all public relations efforts based on criteria and coordination from th
  2. Friends, This is a great post and opportunity to us to discuss valid concerns brought up by a valued VATSIM member. The issue here is what happens when a resident controller is inactive for a period of time and wishes to return back to VATSIM. I agree that the GRP is clear that whenever an endorsement is given, it cannot be taken away. The way I interpret this is that so long as the controller remains as a resident in the vACC/Division, then they cannot be restricted from controlling. However, I believe that once a controller transfer to another vACC/Division, they do need a re
  3. Thank you, Rahul. We are working to make that happen. What do you mean by your ratings?
  4. Hi Samy, We responded to you on August 13, 2013 at 1527 pacific standard time. I have copies of all emails. Your case should have been forwarded to UAE. I will reforward it and insure they give it attention.
  5. Visit the Regional Meeting Forum here: http://forum.vatame.net/viewforum.php?f=16
  6. This is the official VATSIM Middle East website. All vACC websites linked therefrom are considered Official VATSIM Middle East vACCs. Please update your bookmarks accordingly. http://www.vatme.net
  7. The following VATSIM Middle East Air Traffic Controllers have Solo Endorsements which shall allow them to operate the positions listed below. Faisal Aldur • ID 1244422 • Current Rating: S2 • Solo Endorsement for APP/DEP positions in JOvACC (Jordan) • AMM_APP/DEP, OJAQ_APP/DEP.
  8. Hello, Please contact me, the VATJO Director, at director at vatme dot net before posting.
  9. Here's one from my time at OJAC_CTR. Note that airport elevation is 2500 for OJAI. Good times!
  10. Salamat Hadi, The server works fine. I just connected to it. Please email your vACC DIrector or Myself to double check the server information. Where are you connecting from?
  11. Thank you so much for your insight. It is extremely helpful. I will take this to my staff for review and discussion. If you have any more advice, please feel free to post it or email me at director at vatme.net.
  12. Sent a m[Mod - Happy Thoughts] message to my VA - insha'Allah we'll see you there!
  13. One of VATJO's own has received their commercial pilot's license, and to show our excitement, we're celebrating VATJO style! We present the Celebration Event, 2 hours and 15 minutes for ATC and flying to celebrate Captain Imad Atiat's accomplishment! The group flight will commence at OJAI and proceed to OJAQ. After a brief rest, the group flight will depart OJAQ and return to OJAI. Suggested Route: OJAI [sID] QTR BAKIR [sTAR/ILS01] - OJAQ AQC QTR [sTAR] OJAI. Scenery & Charts (note Mesh is on a lower level than scenery): http://vatjo.net/V2/index.php/pilots (NOTE THIS IS THE NE
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