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  1. Here's a description how range rings are used by some (rare) of our controllers at the Montreal ACC. The feature lets you put rings around one (or more) points on the screen (by click or named position) and set the number of rings and spacing. You can also chose to show the rings as arcs (by setting a from ° / to ° radials). This make things look much cleaner... Now go ahead and sequence low level and fit them 5 miles in trail! Any more free time Jake?
  2. Thank you for sharing Evgeny This is indeed a very neat and promising piece of software. I hope that the few bugs will get fixed and that the author is ready to push its full potential forward! I would love to see a feature to automatically fix unclosed SECTOR borders and a way to label SECTORLINE items so that you don't need to play with the show/hide feature (which is still buggy). Also, in POSITIONS section of an ESE file, squawk start and squawk end fields transform 0370 to 370. Might need to make it a text type to avoid this. Should I report more bugs here?
  3. In Canadian systems (NARDS, RSiT, CSiT and GSiT), such variation calculation is done on each and every panning. You can actually see the rotation occur if centering the map on a far away point. Coupled with a more realistic map projection this feature would give us a professional grade software for sure. Artyom, how big is the database which holds the variation info? And how often does the data get updated? Can you tell us what source is used?
  4. We've also got a banner in English: Along with brand new logos! http://joomla.czul.info/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=63&Itemid=0&lang=en Come fly CYUL next Wednesday! You'll be convinced to come back the next week...
  5. Did anyone of you have news related to the above? Although the tread is 2 years old, it is still very interesting.
  6. Rob, for testing ESE files most of us use scenarios built with a list of controllers (corresponding to the potential line-up during events or normal ops) and then we play with the simulate button to turn on and off different controllers. It's very easy then to figure what's working and what's not. Of course if nothing works then back to the manual. On my last post I said I was gonna run some tests for FSS positions (CZUL also plans to eventually bring this to VATSIM), so until we figure how it will best work (please trust my experience) leave that on the shelves. I'll start today.
  7. The callsign is not a factor, they will use ZWG_RD_CTR as far as I know. FSS position would need to have lists populated at least. Never to track planes. FSS position also need IFR FPs since he relays IFR clearances and arrival messages (IFR cancellation) to ATC at non-towered airports on a MF (mandatory frequency). These fields are most likely surrounded by a cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] E CZ. What about using only a generic sector for FSS and defining DEPAPT and ARRAPT with all the airports in the FIR. That way only overflights wouldn't be in their lists and that's not really a proble
  8. Modifying your own data just for the display is a very bad idea.
  9. I have strong doubts about the exactitude of information concerning low enroute being split 230-280. My guess is that 230 is the ceiling for your terminal sectors (TCU not TCA). You want low level enroute to own airspace below 230 between terminals too. Check that with Mark. Edit: Same with terminal sectors and tower radar zones. 0-4000 is fine, but terminals should also start at 0. They will exclude CZ since they are defined afterwards in your file. Try this: Control zone sectors: 0-4000 Terminal sectors: 0-23000 Enroute Lo CZWG_Z_CTR 0-28500 CZWG_Y_CTR 0-28
  10. Good to hear! I'm looking forward to test your file when you feel like showing it out. I'll have 2 lines to have you split too, for Edmonton border.
  11. Rob, For SID vectors, we use the following format. ES needs more than one point for the SID routing for I found this workaround: SID:CYOW:07:CYOW1:CYOW1 CYOW SID:CYOW:25:CYOW1:CYOW1 CYOW SID:CYOW:14:CYOW1:CYOW1 CYOW SID:CYOW:32:CYOW1:CYOW1 CYOW Try SID:CYQT:07:CYQT5:CYQT5 YQT instead of SID:CYQT:07:CYQT5:YQT
  12. Rob, my guess is that your primary frequency is in cause here. Make sure that the position you control (selected prim frequency) is defined in the [POSITIONS] section of the ESE file. Also check that this entry is linked to the desired sector from the [AIRSPACE] section of the same file. Example: I'm logged in with 125.90 [POSITIONS] Calgary Arrival:Calgary Terminal:125.900:CA:A:CYYC:APP:CYYC:APP:6300:6377 [AIRSPACE] SECTOR:YYC (Calgary terminal):0:60000 OWNER:CA:CD:CT:ES:ER:EN:EA (...) This is the reason why your list is empty. ES doesn't [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ociate y
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