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  1. Ross Removing the SimConnect.cfg from My Document solved the problem. Both P3D and MSFS2020 now work in vPilot Host Mode. Thanks for the help. Dan
  2. If you referring to the ones in the 2020 folder, I only see the XML one which I have not touched, I do have those files for P3D in the P3D and Documents folder. Would they cause a conflict?
  3. It only shows what you seen on the screenshot I posted above.
  4. I'm running vPilot Host Mode for and decided to give 2020 a try that I purchased from MS Store. vPilot doesn't seen to see MSFS2020. Connected to simulator: No. Works great for P3D. My registry entries are correct from the other post I read here.. Any suggestions?
  5. Thanks Chris. I also noticed it effects vPilot also when you try to import the flightplan and it leaves it blank. I just didn't want a controller asking me what my equipment code when it was filed in SimBrief. Thanks Dan
  6. I just pre-filed on Simbrief and checked Vat-Spy and noticed the equipment code now fills out the entire line in Vatspy. Is there a fix for this or is it only Vatspy that displays it like this?
  7. We have a user in our VA who is now getting Unhandled Exception error since updating to the latest version of vPilot. All previous version worked flawlessly. We checked .net, simconnect, direct, etc and the problem still exist with the latest version. For now we have him run in debug mode and it shows everything is fine. Any suggest on a fix would be appreciated. https://prnt.sc/pkah53
  8. Quick Question. When will the next batch of testers be selected for the audio codec? I was at FSExpo and the reps from VATSIM took down our information so we could be part of the next beta release. It seem like it was for nothing as no one that I have talked to that was at Expo has heard anything from Vatsim.
  9. I like the idea of an error message displaying if an invalid code is used. I know it drives many of us crazy when incorrect codes are used. It also doesn't do any good when it comes to model matching.
  10. Can we get KVPS updated. Please change from Valparaiso- Eglin AFB Fl. to Eglin Afb/Destin-Ft Walton Beach Thanks
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