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  1. I'm having this problem too. It was fine until I clicked to update to a newer version and now v-ATIS won't open at all.
  2. VatVenture is back and Chicago ARTCC is ready for whatever you bring. We will be staffing Milwaukee and Oshkosh for this event so that those VAs who don't service Oshkosh have a place to join in the fun. We have full VFR procedures in effect as well for Oshkosh, so please consider flying VFR. We have detailed procedures for both IFR and VFR aircraft inbound to OSH and outbound as well. Please view them at our forums via the following link (You DO NOT have to be a member of the forums to view the procedures): http://www.zauartcc.org/forum/index.php?board=54.0 ZAU will be staffing from 2
  3. March Madness is fast approaching and you could win big at ZAU ARTCC! All you have to do is be a registered member or visiting controller by February 15th to qualify! Details are below... ZAU March Madness Bracket Competition Who Can Participate? As long as you are a ZAU member or visiting controller by February 15th, 2014 you are eligible to participate in the event. If I join or submit a visiting controller application ZAU on February 16th, why can't I participate in this competition if the competition isn't until March? We intend to have an early cutoff ZAU registr
  4. I've tried compatibility mode, it runs it on Windows 7 settings. It will start up just as it always does, but if I try to load a sector file that is more than 300KB, it crashes. So far, I can get BGR and OMA to work, that's it.
  5. I think I've realized ASE will load any sector file that has next to nothing in it. Or, it will load my vZAU sector file as long as I have everything turned off (which of course means I can't see anything on the screen). Once I try to turn anything on, it stops working. Now that I've installed FS9, this happens with add-on aircraft too. I cannot get an add-on aircraft to work as it gives me the same "A problem has caused this program to stop working" and it closes out. Super frustrating.
  6. I just got a new PC. It happens to have Windows 8.1. Now, while that may quickly set you off, please understand my problem. I've been able to get VRC, ES, Squawkbox, FS, TS and various other programs working fine. My problem is ASE. When I bring it up, if I try to load a sector file I get a message saying a problem has occured and the program must close. I've tried multiple sector files and it does the same thing. I don't understand why this particular task has created a problem because these same sector files load just fine in VRC. Any help?
  7. We know you love to travel, but when it comes to the holiday season, we welcome you back to sweet home Chicago. If you have flown Chicago at any time this year, this event is for you. We want to thank you for flying Chicago whether you were here for an event or just another trip. Let us close out this year by throwing a party for you, the pilots who keep us up and running! This one's for you. We're glad to have you home for the holidays!
  8. Chicago ARTCC certainly hopes that you will come and support VatVenture this year. Beginning August 2nd at 11am Central Time, Oshkosh will staff up for the weekend. 12-hour days on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Below you will find links to various information about the weekend that we would love for you utilize and p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] on to anyone you know! Pilot Arrival and Departure Procedures http://www.zauartcc.org/forum/index.php?board=54.0 Competitions!!! (with prizes) http://www.zauartcc.org/forum/index.php?board=56.0
  9. Are you ready for a snowball fight? Even though both Chicago and Minneapolis are snow-less, we thought we better make the best of it. It's Chicago ARTCC vs. Minneapolis ARTCC and YOU, the pilots, are the snowballs. Here's how it works: Each aircraft that flies ORD-MSP counts as Chicago throwing a snowball at Minneaolis, thus Chicago gets one point. The more snowballs that are thrown, the better chance that ARTCC has of winning. So, if you want Chicago to win, fly ORD-MSP. If you want Minneapolis to win, fly MSP-ORD. Seems easy, right? Wrong. There's more. What is a snowball
  10. Chicago and Boston are picking up the slack tonight to bring you the weekly Friday Night Ops. Pick one or both for your flying pleasure!
  11. Sweet home Chicago! You can't beat the Windy City at this time of year. The leaves are still falling and the wind is picking up as the winter season is just around the corner. Fly into ORD or MDW this Friday and enjoy the ride all the way in with some of the best voices we have to offer. MKE will also be staffed up for those short hops that always make things interesting with traffic flow. We can't wait to have you, we can't wait to see you, so join us, will you, this Friday evening for Friday Night Chicago!!!!
  12. Tried it, but can't open the Flightplan once in FS9. Everything shows blank.
  13. How do I turn a FlightAware route into a PLN file without using SimRoutes? I have no other applications or programs. SimRoutes was my only converter. To be clear, I do not need SimRoutes to find flightplans, I use FlightAware for that. It's the task of turning a route into a PLN file for FS that is the problem. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  14. You can enjoy great ATC throughout six great events this weekend as VATUSA celebrates 10 years online. With several events to choose from, every type of pilot will be involved. Join the world in VATUSA as we celebrate. Here is a look at the events you can enjoy throughout the weekend. Friday August 5th FNO - Anniversary Style Begins at 2300z ---Just like regular FNO... but not. Cargo Craze Begins at 0400z ---For the late night pilots. Saturday August 6th America the Beautiful Begins at 1000z and 1300z ---Two group flights go from coast to coast in high perfo
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