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  1. Yes very cool. You will be doing it as close to real as possible. Good luck with the flight.
  2. By the way this is in no way a knock on vPilot. I believe Ross Carlson is the developer? All I have for Ross is great thanks. Something that is offered free to use with this much work is just beyond the call of duty and add my appreciation for Mr. Carlson's efforts. Also, I haven't been that active on VATSIM for a while and am just getting back up to speed on what is new. If most people use vPilot with it minimized I'll give it a try. Honestly I debated on whether to start this thread for this very reason. It's free, there will be no complaining which I can't argue with. It was just more
  3. because you are required to pay attention to that little ATC box. using any other source for that info wont be an acceptable excuse later for "i didnt see them listed", the pilot client is your only true source of information for that, the client shows you live data, where the other programs out there only show you info from the data feed which sometimes fails. also so you dont miss a potential PM from a sup/admin Well I meant the model matching inherent in vPilot rather than MTL. And yes I do keep whatever pilot client I am using open and on top, as I said as another instrument o
  4. Are there any plans in the works to update all the various webpages and links on the site? Such as getting rid of all the outdated or broken links? Updating the charts link page etc? The front page on the site is top notch and current but some of the other pages when you get to them look like its 2002.
  5. I think this means I'll have to stick with Squawkbox or FSINN. How do you use vPilot if you have to switch between that and FSX every time. It looks like great software and the MTL is a must have but switching is just too much each time. I prefer to have SB running over FSX as another instrument in the panel. Thanks for the replies. James
  6. If vPilot cannot be run as on top of FSX in full screen what work around do most people use? Does everyone just use windowed mode?
  7. I know this is related to various other forums regarding Squawkbox and vPilot etc but it is more of a general query about these things. I was able to download and use vPilot in FSX (my FSX runs horribly on my pc for some reason, i5-3.3GHz, 8GB Ram, GTX560, Win 7, so am using FS9 instead). Squawkbox works great in FS9. My general question is how do you get the best models to show up using Squawkbosx, vPilot, FSINN or anything else. I'm guessing there is a way to only have loaded whatever models you'd like but vPilot for instance, you download this huge download and it appears to contribu
  8. Greetings, I've read through a number of threads and went to the WOAI website and some others. I downloaded the installer for WOAI but how do you download the models? The same with IVAO MTL, it appears that all is available is their pilot client with the models? Bizarre how many of these things are not just a straight forward, 'go here, download this and install, done'. I don't mind watching youtube videos and reading threads on how to install but I can't even find the files to download. Do you have to download each of the WOAI files separately? Thanks for any suggestions. James
  9. Having used nVidia cards for almost ten years the only thing I can offer is I have had on and off luck with nVidia drivers. One version would work well, the next upgrade wouldn't, the next would. The last couple years I think the drivers have fairly stabilized and my suggestion would be try the newest, if it doesn't work well, work your way backwards through the driver versions. Also get a program called nHancer and read up on how to use it. Do a search on how to best configure nVidia graphics cards. Lastly bookmark Tomshardware. The forums there have tons of great pc info. J
  10. Maybe the Chartfinder site goes down now and then? Tried it a few minutes ago and every link leads to a 'website not found' me[Mod - Happy Thoughts]age. I'll try again tomorrow. I'm a new VATSIM pilot and the Chartfinder website looks like a great idea. James
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