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  1. Thanks to all for your insights. I will take the plunge but keep FS9 on my HD for now, for trouble-free VATSIMming. Philippe
  2. Thanks, Robert. That's what I suspected. So FS9 stays on my hard drive for a long while!
  3. After many years flying my trusted FS9 B737 (iFly) on VATSIM, I am considering a switch to MSFS. I read so many negative comments re: the A320 A/P and FMS performance that I wonder if they are even useable in the IFR VATSIM environment. I would appreciate some insight from pilots who have actually experienced it. Cheers, Philippe
  4. Yesterday, as I was crossing Germany, two ACC positions that were staffed (with their frequencies listed in Squawkbox and voice operational) were showing unstaffed on VATSpy, even after many refreshes. Everything else appeared OK. How is that possible if a single source of VATSIM data is used by all programs? Phil
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