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  1. And more news about the VATSEA server. I just get in touch with Bowen and as far as I know the VATSEA server is under migration. It is now available but will be very slow sometimes. The process may take 24 hours and hopefully everything will be back to normal soon. Regards, William Woo
  2. The old forum in the VATASIA site is closed as we'll use VATSIM's forum for discussion. The previous problem is partly due to the Login/Register link still enabled and being attacked. We got lot's of SPAM message. Now all these links are removed. The VATASIA site is now back online. Hopefully no more SPAM message as we disabled the forum already. However, some other function of the site still based on the database and we need some time to redesign the site. The current data is still keep in the database but will not be use in anyway until we redevelop the site. William Woo
  3. I think you should choose the neighbour VATIND - India. Write to the group in vPIA who is now working on the division and see what they can offer. William Woo
  4. I think it is all right to post it here as this event will fly into a Asia division William Woo
  5. Dear All, I am glad to announce that after years of hard work, the VATSIM People's Republic of China Division (VATPRC) is now officially launched on 1st July, 2010 Geographically, it covers the biggest area in Asia, covering the whole mainland China airspace. However, it is still at its infancy and need everyone's [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istance for proper growth. The division is headed by Brendan Chen [email protected], Division Director of VATPRC. Please come and visit this actively developing area in Asia. Information about flying in this area is available on http://www.vatprc
  6. Dear All, I would like to draw your attention to this piece of new develop in Asia. With years of preparation, the VATASIA mainland China development team has managed to complete all the work needed to establish a new division in VATASIA, which will become official on July 1, 2010. This new division, named VATPRC (VATSIM People's Republic of China) and will be the largest in VATASIA, consists of nine FIRs (Beijing, Guangzhou, Kunming, Lanzhou, Sanya, Shanghai, Shenyang, Urumqi, Wuhan) along with hundreds of airports at various elevations, from the Himalayan Mountains to the South China
  7. Dear All, You may note that there are large area within Asia still do not have any active division yet. This does not mean that there is no one interested in providing service over these area. There are quite a few groups working hard to set up a vACC or a division to provide ATC service here. Here is a list of developing vACC or division and their contact persons. 1. China - The People's Republic of China (Mainland China) Division (VATPRC) will soon establish. Contact Person - Brendan Chen [email protected] or Alfred Tang [email protected] Cu
  8. Dear Flightsimmers, I am glad to inform you that the Asia Region will soon have a new member division establish - the People's Republic of China (Mainland China) Division - VATPRC. We are now at the final stage of preparation for the division. Information for the Chinese airspace is now avaible on their website: http://www.vatprc.org Controllers who wish to control over Chinese airspace or join the new division in the future, please contact the Leaders of the preparatory group: Brendan Chen [email protected] or Alfred Tang (Deputy Region Director of Asia Region) [email protected]
  9. Dear friends, Recently, there is lots of comments and a few requests for the development of a new divsion VATSIM-Pakistan. Currently, there is a group of people start working on this possibility. This group is now lead by Ahmed Ahsen. This is not a easy task as we need lots experience controller, web designer, instructors etc to help building the division. If any one like to help in this project. Please email me ([email protected]) or Ahmed Ahsen ([email protected]) with a short CV and self introduction. Ahmed will also provide more details on what his team looking for
  10. Can you email me ([email protected] or [email protected])? It is always a possibility to have VATSIM-Parkistan. The difficulties we have is how to get peoplet to gather and keep it running. The are so many people asking for starting various divison here but most of it cannot substain for a few months. William Woo
  11. If anyone happen to stopover in HKG, you can alway email me and I'll try my best to schedule a meeting with you. I work in shift and have irregular working hours so I need some time to schedule everythings. Cheers, William Woo
  12. But we only got some request of transfer into Asia from you few months ago. We don't get any suggestion or plan on such issue so far. Please let me know if you have any bright idea. Furthermore, I have never heard of, not to say endorsed, a "VATSIM Afghanistan/Pakistan developmental team". I have no idea what is this team and it must not be anything official in VATASIA yet. Please clarify. William Woo VATSIM Asia Region Region Director.
  13. Dear simmers, On 24/10/2009, VATSIM Hong Kong vACC (under VATSEA) co-organized with a local charity group (Hong Kong Air Cadets Corps) to host a Flight Simulation Symposium 2009. One of the members of VATSIM Hong Kong team produces a superb video clip of our old Kai Tak airport for this symposium. Although it is closed in 1998, many flight simmer still want to come back and fly the famous IGS13 approach. The airport, is now demolished completely in real, still exist in Flight Sim world and we can still feed in anyone if being asked. May I present this video again, dedicated to anyo
  14. It's nice to see so many VA participate in this multiple stops event. Can anyone update me (here or by email) the participating VA, Division and FIR/vACC? There must be some VA in Korea, Japan and Taiwan and they might be interested to join. Regards, William Woo VATSIM Asia Region Director [email protected]
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