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  1. Im planning on flying today JFK-HKG (probably CPA841/31), dpearture expected at about 2300z
  2. Seriously? is it THAT weird that I dont want to give my number online? A bit of privacy wont kill ya.
  3. I know what Eurocontrol is, but nontheless im not giving my phone number...
  4. Can you upload that first PDF? The Eurocontrol site requires registration and a phone number which I dont want to give (or is it ok to fill VATSIM at the organization and just numbers on the phone number?)
  5. Anyone know where I can find a map with sectors and frequencies of the real world German FIR's?
  6. It came out of nowhere, After a while the aircraft window turned black, and the whole sim got stuck. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the entire sim and it still didnt help. the photo is after the reinstall.
  7. As much as I know, it means to switch to tower frq and he will call you. In Munich I know its "standby tower".
  8. Well not everyone can go to the real thing you know.
  9. Im not saying the whole week obviously..a day or two maybe..
  10. Im asking since I didnt check this board o often a few years ago and I dont know if there is a yearly event.. also im asking because Im on my way there with a Mooney Bravo from Israel, currently in Italy..
  11. Gee thanks for the fast answer! I dont look much in the eurobook but now I will if i intend to go to Frnace, thanks again!
  12. How come there isnt any ATC (or its really rare) in france? France is one of the countrys I dont fly much to since its boring to fly again again and to know that there is no way a controller wil come up to greet you. Ive heard some time ago that the French try to return to the ATC, but I havent seen much result... Does anyone know anything about it?
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