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  1. Hi is it possible to just listen in to the new AFV without having simulator running?? Or is there going to be a separate software we could use to just listen into a certain sector?? Cheers Riche
  2. Been a while since an update on swift, what's the latest guys, Cheers Riche
  3. Reactivate account at vatsim. It still my take some time to work , happend to me , took almost 48hrs for Oceania server too let me connect , but you can try other servers sooner. Cheers Riche
  4. So is your vpilot now running smooth on a remote pc now? If so please explain what you did to fix it Cheers Riche
  5. How would it work if you had pmdg aircraft installed & wanted to see others with pmdg as pmdg? Also will there be a model set for the ftx au traffic 4.2 made. Cheers Riche
  6. I just quickly went though posts on this topic & didn't see anything about p3d , will the client work with p3d, sorry if it was asked before just didn't see it. Riche
  7. Another thing I found setting up audio on the other clients, is that you have too wait for a controller or pilot to speak before you can make any real adjustments too volumes etc . (Then its short calls you hear). I know each persons mics etc are different , but would it be possible too add an audio file to the new client so you can get roughly in the ball park with the audio settings? Just a thought. Looking forward too using the new client when it arrives. Cheers Riche
  8. Will the client run on a networked pc? Cheers Riche
  9. So is it safe too say that the voice client is going too be clearer than SB or fsinn I understand that others pc & audio devices affect this but it was never very good quality Cheers Riche
  10. Thanks for this, looking forward to a new client someday . Cheers Riche
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