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  1. Jay, I am sure you and I were not the only ones to receive this VERY childish email. I will not comment, because anything I have to say is NOT politically correct. It does appear though, that 'little Johnny' did not get enough attention while growing up. Mike Jackson
  2. I'm fresh out of Mylanta, but I have an industrial size bottle of Excedrin Migraine I'd be willing to share. I too, have come back for the pictures. Why is it that every time I see a picture of Mark, he has a bottle in his hand? I can tell you from meeting some of these fine folks last year in DC, it had to be a good time had by all. Jeff, If I had made it up there this year would we have had any NEW blood to pull the 'your stuck with the tab' prank on? If I had known Mike (H) better at the time last year, a 'dummy' bill was going to be waiting for him at checkout Now, wh
  3. Donno, You nailed it on the head ridiculous being the key word. There appears to be some issues that need to be resolved between VCA and VATUSA Staff memeber(s). If VCA feels there is an injustice done, then by all means they should have the right to be heard (through proper channels) and hopefully a resoltution/compromise would/could be reached. However, to CANX an event that an ARTCC has been spending numerous hours preparing for to provide the best service available to "hurt" 'the oil company' is nothing else but lame (in this environment). You are not hurting the 'oil company'.
  4. Do you own and operate the Level-D 767? Have plans for Dec 9th and 10th between 2200-0200Z? Cancel them!! LDS Flying Club is making a run down to south Florida Friday night with a bunch of snowbirds and returning back to the NY area on Saturday to pick up another load. Details are here. Follow the sign-up procedures on the events page and check back here to make sure we got you on the list.
  5. Jeff, I'm not sure you are being fair about this 'RECCE Training for ZKC'. If I recall, the sky was a little hazy ....... then again, we were only a mile or so away ..... and that is a big 'mudder' ..... never mind, carry on 'smartly' What do VATSIMers do at a convention? Stand at windows ...... OOOoooooo, AAAAhhhhhhhh (or, you can make up your own). In all seriousness, it was my utmost pleasure to finally be able to meet so many fine people and place a face with the voice. R/Mike Jackson IDE5963 and homeless Controller
  6. All good stuff. So, the 'Reader's Digest' Version is .... the 'Missed Approach' is a 'Procedure' executed (when called for) after the 'Go Around' is executed. Which is a procedure in itself.
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