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  1. I agree about the voice Unicom possibly creating more issues, I can see myself getting annoyed at all of the useless calls and chit chat and changing frequencies pretty quick. How grumpy old man do I sound?
  2. I've noticed for a while now that the use of Unicom is very limited and at times non-existent, even when flying in to busy airports with no ATC. I'm currently on approach to CYYZ, 3 flights have just landed fairly close together, and not 1 of them made any sort of call to announce what they were doing (one landed with a 20-30kt tailwind but that's another issue). The other day at CYVR I saw one flight land in one direction, another take off in the opposite at the same time, again no call. 4 flights lined up to depart VHHH made all 4 takeoffs with no calls. And no these are not newbies, a
  3. This is great, but I'm having a problem in Audacity getting it to save the changes I have made into a .wav file. Unfortunately my files are showing 32-bit and I can change them to 16-bit PCM but it doesn't save when I export the file and re-open it. Any idea how to get Audacity to save the changes?
  4. I am having difficulties trying to connect with both TWR Trainer & ACSim. I've never had problems before, but I am running on a new computer with Windows XP and have been unable to connect. I get the following error messages: ACSim.exe - The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click on OK to terminate the application. TWR Trainer when I try to open one specific file - Run-time error '40006': Wrong protocol or connection state for the requested transaction or request. When I do get a file open in TWRTrainer, I also get this error: Socket closed by remote host
  5. Sorry, thought I would throw one last thing in here - if ATC shortens your callsign you are not required to read back your aircraft type every time you call. You may do that when you check in with a controller, but if they shorten it then they know who you are.
  6. I simulated apron taxi lanes in the airport file by creating a taxiway along the route behind gates. This will require you to create quite a few points along the taxiway but it worked great for me.
  7. Line 11 was, believe it or not, the empty line between the registration, and parking line.
  8. Ross, I have been having some difficulty creating APT files. When I attempt to load up my file, I get a ton of errors, most of which are Unknown line format found on line 11 only this carries on to about all 80 lines I have. I tried copying and pasting the exact lines from your docomeentation but found myself getting the same error - however this time only on one of the lines, which was the space between the Airport File Header and my Runway Section. I tried again with the Header, Parking and Runway, but found the same problem - more unknown line errors. Here are some of my lines:
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