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  1. In addition to Brad's comment, there are snippets of seemingly real info out there that P3D v5.0 is in beta. I’ve never used anything other then Microsoft product. I never even looked into it, maybe I’ll do some deep research it’s just one of those things where I’d like to pick one, and buy everything I need in addons and pay ware and be on my way.
  2. Thx for that man! I had my fs9 pretty well loaded up with payware everything lol I’m thinkin bout waiting until 2020 sum is out, I’m in no rush but do miss it badly.
  3. Hey so after a long break from this world I’d like to come back. I used to fly using fs9, but I see a new sim is coming out and my question is will vatsim have a client that’s compatible with it farely soon? If not what would you guys recommend for a sim now a days, xplane or fsx? Sry if these have been asked many times already.
  4. ... except that you would hopefully be switching very frequently if you're in controlled airspace without a controller online (CoC B3). Even in uncontrolled airspace or with a controller, I tend to include vPilot in my "in-the-cockpit" visual scan (just in case I missed a sound notifying me of a PM, text message on freq, controller dropped offline, etc.). Bradley, What do you mean by in cockpit visual scan?
  5. I like the idea of a second screen and vpilot, I may set up my 22" then for vpilot and keep my 34" for fsx
  6. Sorry for lack of info Bradley was in rush, So basically to run vpilot correctly, I would have to switch between full screen and window mode? Like use window mode to check frequencies and atc lists, and then just switch to full screen and let vpilot run in background?
  7. Hello , Ok so I am new to Vpilot, I was always a squawkbox user since I joined in 2005. I was flying online today and FSX crashed and I got a error from vpilot about Microsoft .net Framework crash and FSX restarted. Why would this be? Also, I remember SB always running inside the FS, so i could see the controller list and messages will being in the simulator, but Vpilot runs on my desktop in the background, and I cant see it while in the SIM. Am I missing something? lol Thx in advance
  8. Hello I am looking for a certain individual who has interest in obtaining a staff position within a virtual airline. I'm in no need of anyone that quickly, however the right candidate will be chosen if he / she happens to come across this post and applies. I do not want to release any information as of yet on the virtual airline, other then it's called JetAmerica and its fleet will consist of Boeing 737-800/900 operations. We will be simulating a new airline start up. The va will be run in a professional manner utilizing the latest in software and technology. Please p
  9. Hi, When I install FSGlobal 2008 into FS9, it seems to make Vista 64bit crash, happens every time. However when I installed it for FSx it never crashed. Any ideas?
  10. Your the best guys. that really helped me out, if it were have been a year ago it wouldn't have been a problem. But you forget things... Thanks again.
  11. sorry, how do I check? My desktop settings are in 32bit...
  12. Hi Guys, I am having an problem with FS9 atm, all the colors look like they are layered in FS2004. Like the sky and water, the planes and clouds look very distorted and have a weird tinge to them. I am using REX 2004 and FSglobal, with Wilcos V2 and PMDG and Level D, any ideas? Landing lights... Look on the aircraft body... Look in the sky, you can see layers...
  13. I have both 2560x1600 on my regular desktop and in FSX, I might just bare with it. 2560x1600 is by LCD's default res.
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