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  1. Got a bit spoiled on automatic garbage collection ehh? I was thinking about a client that would be able to work with the existing sector files we have, to encourage new S1-S3's to be able to run multiple GND/TWR or APP sessions. If I understand the jist of this thread, isn't it the idea to encourage our membership to become C1+ in order to bump up our ATC online time? Please understand Ross, I'm one of your biggest fans with the "professional grade" applications that you have freely distributed to the VATSIM community, and as a professional developer myself I appreciate the am
  2. Colin, I've uploaded them to our image directory.
  3. If I may add my thoughts about this, 1. Creating fictitious center names with fictitious boundaries is going to confuse ANY pilot regardless of their experience. 2. Frequency congestion for a super-center could quickly become an unmanageable mess that sounds like a citizens band radio. 3. An unanticipated rush of pilots could overwhelm the controller, compelling them to log-off. These are just the "high-level" problems I see with this idea, however I think we all can agree on the statement "A crowd draws a crowd". I believe in this because having a "center lit-up" on VatSp
  4. I didn't have any trouble casting my vote, perhaps you might have a "BUG" Ernesto!
  5. Hey Flo, I get a 404 when trying to grab the zip file.
  6. Is it possible you can save the logo downloads as a conventional zip file? My virus scanning does NOT like this as it reports all kinds of viruses. BTW why would you use an extention of ".7z"?
  7. Congratulations of your new position Christoph! You mentioned that you are a systems/network admin, are you also a developer in the LAMP environment? It seems most of us are using LAMP, however there are webmasters that choose ASP.NET and/or J2EE JSP as their preferred platforms. May I ask what your specialty is? Cheers!
  8. No problem John, Actually as I use a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack, this docomeent should be very easy for you to incorporate; http://www.laartcc.org/TrackingHours.doc Hope that helps to get you started! PS, Just a word of warning, this code was written for PHP 4.x be advised the eregi() is depreciated in PHP 5.x. Also there are some routines you could optimize a bit better using the enriched PHP code libraries rather than my somewhat archaic UNIX/C library calls! (I guess that dates me a bit! )
  9. Hey John, I created some PHP/MySQL scripts to track and record our controllers hours at ZLA. I also have a page to show the "top 10" controllers I'm more than willing to share. Again as I use the LAMP stack, so if you are using a different protocol i.e. ASP/Firebird or something like that you will need to change the syntax. Let me know if this interest you! Cheers!
  10. LOL, I'm just messing with your head Rahul! I'm a strong beliver of the "mysql_real_escape_string" function for anything that touches my database and recommed you use it even with internal scripts. The tiny bit of overhead it takes is good insurance you won't have to perform restore functions on your database in the wee hours of the morning! Cheers!
  11. Hmmm, that code looks familiar! Any idea who the predessor is?
  12. Wycliffe, That is not Andy's screen saver, he prefers to control reading binary, as it saves valuable processor cycles from having to render the traffic in a graphical format!
  13. Well if you want you can export the logs into a comma delim text file, using the export option in the event viewer, and copy and paste only the bad boys, or you can use the "save-as" option (which is binary) and email them. The second option would allow me to examine the details of each and every error, but may I suggest we start with the text file first. BTW you will need to export a different file for the Application and System logs as MS doesn't do a full log dump in one command (at least not to my knowledge).
  14. Are there any error messages in the event viewer? Look at both Application and System logs.
  15. What I suggest you try first, is when you boot up the computer, start the task manager and make note of your CPU utilization and memory usage from the Performance tab. Next take a look at what applications are running. While leaving the task manager running, start a suspect application, and then note the CPU/Memory usage. If during this time the app freezes, check the Application tab in the Task Manager, and see if it is reporting that it is not responding. From this tab you should be able kill it and return to the desktop normally. Finally after the program has crashed, open the ev
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