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  1. I was wondering can someone that does not speak mandarin still control in VATROC, I couldnt find the info on the website since it seems its under construction.
  2. Sorry guys, after some concideration i will stay to get my training in the US.
  3. Hello everyone, Iam currantly a Vatusa student controller, and i would like to transfer to VATCAN, so i can finish training and control canadian airspace, probably in vancouver since i live close by. How can i do that?
  4. I agree 100% with Mahmoud even though politics screw up vatsim and the aviation community. But OLBA did issue a NOTAM for the closer of the runways, even if they are being attacked, the runways are still closed. and we here at vatsim try to simulate real life as possible i think vatleb did the right thing.
  5. I flew into Mexico city as AAL460, and i would like to say that your atc are greatly trained, mine was juan controlling center. Let me say i will be there a lot more now
  6. Thanks and fred i dont get what you mean iam a VATUSA member and how long does it take before i can control with voice?
  7. Thanks for helping me out, but any way i will refraze my question. What are the first steps to become a controller. Also, I have read the evaluation letter about the different ARTCCs, so i have come up with a few, that i need to sift through so if you would help me pick one so here they are ZAB, SLC,SEA,ZOA and DEN. Oh and what is a voice andorsment, can i get it right after i become a student controller? Thanks
  8. Hi i havent even taken the Student controller test , I have been a pilot for a while, and want to become a controller. First how do i change my home artcc from seattle to another one like ZLA or oakland . Also how can i start do i join or have to take a test first could someone help me out. And what to do next. Finally what software i need to get. Thanks to who ever helps
  9. Hey is there going to be any atc this weekend ?
  10. Hi guys, Iam trying to think of a va to start, what is a better idea, Air Iran Virtual or Kuwait airways virtual. Also tell me which one that you would most likly join. Iam doing this for the love of Middle east aviation, and the lack of on vatsim. I will have no prob. getting payware. Also I already have the routes for IR (iran air). Thanks
  11. I already have emailed the web master, and have gotten no responce, i emailed him last week.
  12. No i got the email address from the star alliance virtual. Do u have any ideas, or do u know any pilots that i can contact to get an answer?
  13. Hi again, I cant seem to beable to email the ceo, because he has not responded, does anyone know of any way that i could get ahold of one of the staff members?
  14. Hi, iam an active vatsim pilot, but i want to also become an atc, what are the steps for becoming one and can i choose the Artcc that i want to join?
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