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  1. Hello Folks,


    It is great to see that TropicalSIM has updated their previous version of Punta Cana Airport (MDPC), but now including the runway 08/26 and the new air traffic control tower.


    For those who were not aware, the runway 08/26 and a new air traffic control tower were opened back in November 2011 (real world). The new runway has the same length and width as the existing 09/27 runway. It is 150m in width and has a length of 10,171ft.


    I encorage you to review this GREAT Scenery by clicking below:


    Link: Punta Cana Scenery 2014 - MDPC



    *Santo Domingo FIR is currently providing service for this runway.


    *Before start the communication with the ATC, please inform that you're operating with the new scenery.

  2. Hi Ross,


    Thanks for your prompt response!


    These are examples of the Aircraft Files I'm having issues with:



    Aircraft File #1



    JBU1736:A320:J:I:MDSD:TJSJ:24000:CDO G633 MELLA RTE12 SJU:/v/:1200:N:18.430474:-69.675846:64:0:247

    AAL778:B733:J:I:MDSD:KMIA:38000:CDO A554 PTA L453 JUELE DCT MIA:/v/:1200:N:18.431256:-69.675962:64:0:247



    SAP771:B190:P:I:MDSD:MDPC:6000:CDO W6 PNA:SERVICIO AEREOS PROFESIONALES /v/:1200:N:18.427461:-69.672550:64:0:250

    N956AS:LJ55:J:I:MDSD:TJSJ:24000:CDO G633 MELLA RTE12 SJU:SERVICIO PRIVADO /v/:2200:N:18.427225:-69.672475:64:0:250



    HI012SV:R22:H:V:MDSD:MDST:8500:VISUAL MDST:/v/:1200:N:18.427582:-69.674030:64:0:70



    Aircraft File #2



    JBU1797:E195:J:I:KDDS:MDSD:33000:DCT GPS:Auto generated /v/:6302:N:18.107902:-69.549254:5000:240:332

    AAL731:B738:J:I:KDDS:MDSD:33000:DCT GPS:Auto generated /v/:6727:N:17.785550:-69.435640:5000:210:332

    N155PE:DC9:J:I:KDDS:MDSD:33000:DCT GPS:Auto generated /v/:4010:N:17.627970:-69.378580:5000:210:332

    COA916:B753:J:I:KDDS:MDSD:33000:DCT GPS:Auto generated /v/:2537:N:17.312790:-69.264480:5000:210:332

    UPS903:B763:J:I:KDDS:MDSD:33000:DCT GPS:Auto generated /v/:2541:N:17.155210:-69.207420:5000:210:332



    There are no duplicated callsigns, but the problem arises when these files are opened.




  3. Hello everyone,


    I'm experiencing challenges while loading my Aircrafts files into TWR Trainer software. I'm showing an error which states: " Closed by remote host : Index 0, callsign (aircraft call sign)" when loading more than a file or 5 planes in the same session.


    Do you know the reason or solution to this error? I've checked my CID, P[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word and Server address in TWR Trainer and everything matches.


    Please advice.



    Octavio Germosen

  4. Michal belives as 0608 is the last freeware cycle that it is the VATSIM standard.... personally I disagree and we are tyring to be as realistic as possible.... but its his choice, his program!


    Honestly, Michael must be with you and your idea to do this as realistic as possible.... That can make this software terrific.... Cheers...

  5. I was trying to create this FP from MDSD (Las Americas Intl) to KFJK (John F. Kennedy Intl):



    And i get this error message...

    ERROR: Unknown airway/waypoint A554


    Also i get this error when i remove the A554 and try to create the FP introducing just the fixes:

    ERROR: Unknown airway/waypoint CHAMP


    Can I add this airway/waypoint? How can I do it?

  6. Hello Andre:


    Thanks to incorporate this airline to Caribbean. It's nice to hear that our division is growing up more and more. Good job and keep going... See you in the sky!! Congratulations...



  7. Hey Folks;


    This is a compressed package with all the MTPP (Port Au prince, Haiti) charts. The package contains:


    1* MTPP ILS-DME Rwy 10.pdf

    2* MTPP Runway 10 Departures 1.pdf

    3* MTPP Runway 10 Departures 2.pdf

    4* MTPP Runway 28 Departures 1.pdf

    5* MTPP Runway 28 Departures 2.pdf

    6* MTPP VOR Runway 10.pdf

    7* MTPP VOR-DME Runway 10.pdf


    Just click on the link below to download the file:



    Enjoy ;

  8. Any chance of an English post as well?




    "Havana FIR is hosting the event Caribe Nor'west 07 event. This one, will be fully staffed in the whole country. Come and enjoy with us and discover the great Cuba also. The event will take place this Saturday (March 24th, 2007) from 1900z - 2300z (02.00pm - 06.00 Local)."




  9. Todos los pilotos que deseen volar en este evento para Dominicana de Aviacion Virtual podran hacerlo, estas horas de vuelos seran acreditadas a su Log Book y podran escoger su propia ruta y aeronave.


    Ven y dale a Nuestra Linea Aerea Bandera Nacional reconocimiento en este evento de nuestra hermana Cuba.


    For the way this is worded, it gives the impresion that you must be a member of that airline in order to participate, is this correct?




    Hi Camilo:


    No, This event is hosted by Cuba. Dominicana de Aviacion virtual is just an invited airline, so, you can fly with any airline to any destination at any time (between 1900z -2300z) If you wanna fly with CMP (Copa), you can do it, but if you wanna fly with DOM (Dominicana), you must become a member, logically.



  10. Caribe%20Nor%20West%2007.JPG


    Havana FIR estara llevando a cabo el evento Caribe Nor' West 07, con sus aeropuertos controlados al maximo.Ven y unete a nosotros y pasala de maravilla. El proximo Sabado 24 de Marzo desde las 1900z hasta las 2300z, TE ESPERAMOS.


    Todos los pilotos que deseen volar en este evento para Dominicana de Aviacion Virtual podran hacerlo, estas horas de vuelos seran acreditadas a su Log Book y podran escoger su propia ruta y aeronave.


    Ven y dale a Nuestra Linea Aerea Bandera Nacional reconocimiento en este evento de nuestra hermana Cuba.

  11. Real%20Ops%202006.jpg



    El FIR de Santo Domingo (http://www.sdfir.com/fir/) los invita a unirse este 1ero. de Julio, 2006 desde las 1000 – 0400 GMT al evento mas grande de todo Santo Domingo, el Real Dominicana 2006


    Este evento simulara las operaciones reales de 5 aeropuertos de gran importancia en el área, todos con una cobertura de 18 horas seguidas en control de ATC. Más de 250 vuelos reales estarán disponibles y serán repartidos hacia y desde los diferentes aeropuertos:

    • Las Americas Intl. (MDSD)

    • La Romana Int. (MDLR)

    • Punta Cana Int. (MDPC)

    • Gregorio Luperon Int. (MDPP)

    • Cibao Int. (MDST)


    Los FIRs cercanos a Santo Domingo también tendrán personal, entre ellos:

    • San Juan CERAP (fully staffed)

    • Curacao FIR

    • Maiquetía FIR

    • Miami Center (including the Oceanic Center)

    • New York Center (including the Oceanic Center)

    • Piarco FIR


    Los vuelos no programados también serán bienvenidos, sin embargo, sugerimos que utilicen los horarios verdaderos y que reserven sus vuelos para el evento. Este tiene la ventaja, de que la ruta verdadera será enviada a su correo con la confirmación de la reservación.

    Horario de Vuelos: www.sdfir.com/fir/flights.html

    Reservaciones: www.sdfir.com/fir/submit.html


    Ven a volar con nosotros y descubre la Republica Dominicana![/img]

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