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  1. Austin I was responsible for the Radar Client Training in Toronto, however, since the development of the NTU (National Training Unit) this function has been incorporated into that Unit and is now run by Instructors. Being just a mentor Ihave no access to the training in that unit. I do hope that you can contact an INS at CZYZ (see contact list on website) and enquire further into that training Best regards Norm
  2. Well done Brandon. You continue to serve us well - most appreciated Norm
  3. Well done to you both - great news Norm
  4. Thanks Guys I hit ALT+ENTER, went into Winowed mode and is now OK. Ecept that I get a small flashing interuption of something??? on my screen = very annoying! Norm
  5. Hi guys, and thanks I have not installed any add-ons, but I have since installed SPs 1 and 2, but still no luck. I also downloaded updated driver for my NVIDIA = no luck I have also tried tweaking the settings (screen resolution etc.,) I am also running an extra monitor baffled Norm
  6. Hi: I just purchased FSX yesterday, installed OK and Home page OK etc.,, However, when I try to fly (off-line) in Free Flight and/or Mission, I just get a screen flashing on and off. System Laptop HP Windows Vista Home premium AMD Turion 64 x 2 2 GHZ 2047MB 32bit NVIDIA Ge Force 8400M GS Laptop + 1 x monitor Tried changing resolution = no good Unable to run FSX Can anyone please help???? Thanks Norm
  7. Should run fine, but stay away from VISTA LOL Norm
  8. I keep getting a crash on VRC with message (to words of effect) "run time error....../VRC.exe has closed abnormally" New laptop (6 months old) with VISTA Otherwise, all other programms running smoothly (except it has rejected my one year old printer!!??) Norm
  9. Thanks Bill I have now procurred another machine with a good Nvidia dedicated card in it. It will arrive next week. I will keep you posted. Norm
  10. OK, I have now returned my new laptop to the store for a refund. Start from scratch now Questions (to VISTA owners) 1. Does VRC actually work with VISTA? 2. If it does, then which Video/graphics Card/accelerator do you use? and, is it "Shared or Dedicated"? Thanks in anticipation Norm
  11. Ok, its decision time for me ( I have until midnight tonight!) Options 1. Can I have installed and run XP as a secondary platform running alongside Vista, and will that solve my problem, or 2. Can I have installed a Dedicated Graphics Card (by-p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing the Shared Graphics on board), or 3. Do I take the machine back to the shop tomorrow for a new one with Vista and a Dedicated Graphics Card onboard, or will I still have problems? Norm ps Graphics acceleration onboard (shared) can not be altered (tuned or turned down)
  12. Could not get right mouse click results with Vista. Right mouse click results ok in every other programme running (except VRC) OK tried a few different things 1 Changed to CL[Mod - Happy Thoughts]IC VIEW in Vista - Right mouse click now works, however, more or continous problems:- a. no clock (above Callsign/freq button b. no sep timer button (but the space is there when I tick box and apply) c. no Reminder Button (but the space is there when I tick box and apply) e. When I send a text message via the text command area box, it does not show on the text recive
  13. Michael Go to the VATCAN website, then from there, choose your FIR (Website) All Charts etc., should be there Norm
  14. Vince: I have a laptop with two monitors. It is fantastic. I can drag anything from one monitor to the other. I understand that a Desktop - in order to run two monitors - may need two adaptors (whereas the laptop does not need anything other than what is already built-in to it) Norm
  15. Sometimes, we have to be inventive with respect to the provision of services, but always following the VATSIM Codes of Conduct and Regulation Norm
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