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  1. I been playing with different setups lately and this is what I'm using for KCVG tower cab. Names have been blocked out to protect the guilty.
  2. I had two aircraft in the area, I was able to see one of them. The pilot that I wasn't able to see did another flight after he disconnected and reconnected and I was able to see him just fine. Im thinking this was just an isolated incident.
  3. I am using Flight Simulator 2004 using the Virtual Tower view with VRC and have had no problems with it until tonight. I had an aircraft in my airspace flying the pattern that I was unable to see in the virtual tower, I was able to see the aircraft on the radar screen however. All other aircraft that came into my airspace I was able to see in virtual tower. What could be causing this and is there a known fix?
  4. In spot view you must use your HAT switch. Active Camera has its own modes that you can enter. (like fly-by or walk around) There should be a key(s) that will allow you to enter these modes.
  5. My set up for the tower cab at Port Columbus (KCMH) I only have one monitor right now so a few windows are hidden behind the flight strip bay.
  6. Welcome to VATSIM. If you haven't done so please read the information in the Pilot Resource Center. (http://vatsim.net/prc/) It does take some time to read it, but it will be worth the effort in the long run. Getting to your question. All the servers are connected to each other to form the VATSIM network. You can connect to any of the servers that you see in SB 4.0. Try to pick the closest one to you to get the best ping.
  7. I just seen this post and I think its a great idea. I work every other Saturday so I cant make your next flight but I look forward to the next one after that.
  8. Thanks! I think that did the trick
  9. Thanks for the reply. I tried you suggestion but no luck. Thanks again.
  10. When any window such as SB3, FSNAV, and even the default chat window opens my screen splits and I see a scene from another part of the flight. In the picture below I was in my virtual cockpit when I moved the SB3 transponder onto the screen. When I did this the bottom of the screen turned into a shot of the 2D panel. I wondered if anyone had this problem and if anyone knew how to fix it.
  11. http://www.nyartcc.org/index.php/Atc/Downloads On the navigation bar on the left it is under Team ZNY > Download Sector Files.
  12. http://www.nyartcc.org/ If you look to the right on the main page of VATSIM (www.vatsim.net) you will find links to each region.
  13. With respect to all parties involved, I think we are making a mountain out of a mole hill. The best suggestion was to contact ATC to let them know you wont be entering their airspace. We are here to learn and have fun, just remember that even the almighty controllers can make a mistake once in a blue moon. Disclaimer- The intent of this post was not to inflame, har[Mod - Happy Thoughts], or otherwise disrespect anyone. May be too intense for some viewers, see other side for additional listings. No animals were harmed in the preparation of this post. This post contains no CFCs. Discontin
  14. I got my start in flight sim with CFS1 then moved to FS9 then i picked up a copy of IL2. I like flying around in FS9 but there is something about flying around in the old war birds pulling the trigger and seeing bits fall off the other guys plane
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