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  1. The other day, I dragged it from desktop to task bar by accident and it seems like it's been working ok. I do have Webroot too, but I see it's in the my allowed list. On task bar it loads the .exe, so it's not a shortcut....
  2. 1.1.0-beta.8 does a CTD and has nothing in Windows Event logs. Any ideas?
  3. solved...I un[Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned PTT left control key in VRC and set it AV.
  4. As ATC, for PTT I cannot set like left control key. Some other keys work, but when I do control-F, it just shows F as the selected key.
  5. Almost near painful boredom as ATC: we need the ability to add or remove AI / robots as we see fit.
  6. I connected to another controllers voice channel and eventually got it working. I think the key was to save the config as per the docomeentation.
  7. Is there a way to verify that I will be able to hear pilots so I know that I have configured VRC (and my computer) correctly?
  8. Thanks, I'll try to get my eyes up there next time something seems suspicious.
  9. Is there a disconnect message that appears when you are...disconnected? Is there a way to tell that you are still connected?
  10. I've become an RSS junkie, is it available here?
  11. Thanks, it was the *.*.*.*
  12. I have this Asus RT-N56U router with custom firmware. For port forwarding, it wants a source ip, port range, local ip, port, tcp/udp/both. The last three I get my VRC machine and port 3290 and udp. What should I put in for source, port range? and 3290?
  13. I wonder if clients are still based on old RogerWilco, which uses UDP. UDP is transmission is not guaranteed where tcp is guaranteed. This is probably why a lot of people say, when I use Skype it works perfectly, but this I get breakups etc.. (and the other ATC network is perfect to the point of not being "real", but this one I get breakups-too real, but too much). RW was the frontrunner in voice with gaming. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roger_Wilco_(software)
  14. Another +1 for improving voice. My primary issue is with my isp where voice is very choppy so I constantly have to say "say again?". Usually I get the gist, but... This was one of my primary reasons for giving up controlling, I just couldn't deal with it.
  15. utLive had some GA traffic option that was on. Also, there's an option under Add On menu to disable utLive.
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