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  1. solved...I un[Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned PTT left control key in VRC and set it AV.
  2. As ATC, for PTT I cannot set like left control key. Some other keys work, but when I do control-F, it just shows F as the selected key.
  3. Almost near painful boredom as ATC: we need the ability to add or remove AI / robots as we see fit.
  4. I connected to another controllers voice channel and eventually got it working. I think the key was to save the config as per the docomeentation.
  5. Is there a way to verify that I will be able to hear pilots so I know that I have configured VRC (and my computer) correctly?
  6. Thanks, I'll try to get my eyes up there next time something seems suspicious.
  7. Is there a disconnect message that appears when you are...disconnected? Is there a way to tell that you are still connected?
  8. I've become an RSS junkie, is it available here?
  9. Thanks, it was the *.*.*.*
  10. I have this Asus RT-N56U router with custom firmware. For port forwarding, it wants a source ip, port range, local ip, port, tcp/udp/both. The last three I get my VRC machine and port 3290 and udp. What should I put in for source, port range? and 3290?
  11. I wonder if clients are still based on old RogerWilco, which uses UDP. UDP is transmission is not guaranteed where tcp is guaranteed. This is probably why a lot of people say, when I use Skype it works perfectly, but this I get breakups etc.. (and the other ATC network is perfect to the point of not being "real", but this one I get breakups-too real, but too much). RW was the frontrunner in voice with gaming. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roger_Wilco_(software)
  12. Another +1 for improving voice. My primary issue is with my isp where voice is very choppy so I constantly have to say "say again?". Usually I get the gist, but... This was one of my primary reasons for giving up controlling, I just couldn't deal with it.
  13. utLive had some GA traffic option that was on. Also, there's an option under Add On menu to disable utLive.
  14. IS there a way to tell if traffic that I am seeing is ai or vatsim traffic? I have a good amount of GA traffic around NYC now at 10 a.m. My G:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Scenery\World\scenery only has ship traffic in it and ai is set to 0, except for ship traffic. I did not explicitly load utLive.
  15. I don't know if you fixed your problem, but I had similar strange issues and ran a usb cleaner then plugged things in one at a time. I don't remember which software I used, but it helped start over.
  16. I remember having good times with Tom at the first SATCO Convention in Kansas City and the second (founding of VATSIM) in Toronto. R.I.P.
  17. The ancients are showing up, I'm going!
  18. ugh, somehow I missed this announcement http://www.flightsimcon.com I'm out sailing tomorrow instead.
  19. I noticed I believe it's FWINN with all the red/green mini icons seems to still load. I unloaded it and I think all voice all comms stopped (or was chatter just slow?). Anyone else confirm that?
  20. haha, actually we southerners know that it's better to blow and shovel the stuff every couple hours than to kill yourself doing it once as it weighs ten tons. I went out twice each day Thursday and Friday. The end of the driveway was almost impossible with my snow blower too.
  21. There was something wrong with ours when it started up (i.e. power supply or disk etc.. which happens all to often when something is powered down very few times.) -------- Apparently as of now it is available.
  22. The NY website is down for about another 24 hours after yesterdays scheduled power maintenance. If you desperately need anything, please let me know. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  23. I hope you consider other days and hours. I fly from KJFK and usually arrive Saturday 1430 to about 1530 local in HECA.
  24. I've thought about this topic as well. As chief from years ago, I noted the following reasons why people stop controlling: change of life: school work: new job, moving, major projects / promotions etc.. family - marriage, babies burnout from VATSIM itself - not worth my time to deal with all those newbie pilots or those who just don't listen etc.. seasons change - winter to spring - most people would rather be outside after being inside all winter We don't have any control over these. As most centers know, it takes time - sometimes an instructor is available for feedback, most times not leading to a student waiting a month just got to next level. I've seen students take 9 months to get to center. By that time their life has changed and the center has wasted X hours on that one student. The key I always found was that the student should take their own time as well as plenty of slow concentrated studying to know and p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] a test. Countless times I've seem students fail miserably on tests because they didn't take the time to study and remember to put into practice. ====================== What I would like to see is an ATC cram course instructor led at local hotels where you go for a weekend - all day Saturday and Sunday. Obviously one of the things would be getting some time with instructors listening and giving feedback. Out of it comes several ratings from delivery to center. Obviously there are a lot of details to hash out as I don't think you could take a person with zero knowledge off the street and get them to center level in a weekend. There would have to be some prerequisites so as that one person with zero knowledge would get left behind. At the first SATCO convention, I gave one of my students a test. He p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed and was promoted to the next level. It made the convention more worthwhile for both of us. Maybe conventions in the future could offer more training and test people so they can get to the next level.
  25. I had just been to Las Vegas to see Def Leopard and Journey making it an overall expensive weekend. I think if it was held during the summer more would of shown up. At the SATCO summer convention a fair amount of people showed up. Even the first VATSIM in Toronto was a good showing. Did anyone have that week off from school?
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