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  1. Gonzalo, There is now a temp site at www.vatca.org with basic information. The VATCA staff is working hard on a permanent website at the same url which should be online soon. The regional website is now online at www.vatcamc.org and the link has been updated in the dropdown list available at VATSIMs main page. Saludos,
  2. From reading the thread in detail it seems that some posts were deleted which doesn't allow me to get the full picture. If someone has a copy of the deleted posts or comments about this situation I'd appreciate if they could be sent via e-mail to me to evaluate if further actions are to be taken. Regards,
  3. Hi Christopher, Let me start by saying that I’m disappointed, to say the least, with all the discussion about the Havana FIR in this forum. It is my understanding changes in the FIR staff are underway however there hasn’t been an official announcement from the VATCAR Director. There are proper procedures and policies for appointing FIR Staff and one of the requirements to be a Staff member in this case is to be attached to the Caribbean Division. Unfortunately at this time you’re not attached to the Caribbean Division which disqualifies you to be appointed [Mod - Happy Thoughts
  4. Hi Simon, the Cuba FIR wbsite moved to a new location and can be found in this URL http://www.visachi.com/Cuba/Fircuba/vfircuba/index.html . Soon the links in the VATCAR website will be updated. Saludos,
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