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  1. Benton, thank you for clarifying what I meant. I tend to have trouble putting stuff into words That's why I was hoping my hours could count towards my C3 since I was actually mentoring during that time logged in as an observer. I couldn't login as EWR_M_TWR because I would've had to login as EWR_M_TWR, MMU_M_TWR etc.



    Just on that topic, i will need some clariffication,when i start my training and i get to C1,is there a chance of me being upgraded to S3?if that makes any sense?





  2. Hello Lakhbir,


    Where is it that you wish to control? For the moment I'll make the [Mod - Happy Thoughts]umption that you wish to control in the USA somewhere. But I did an ID status check, and you are a part of Central American/Mex/Car Region, Central American Division. So at the moment, you are in the VATCA membership. If you want to control in the USA, do this:


    Go to: http://www.vatusa.net


    And navigate to VATUSA staff. Email VATUSA2 and CC VATUSA1 with your request to transfer to the VATUSA division. Just tell them that you you would like to control in the USA, and need guidance on getting sstarted.


    If you still wish to control in VATCA, then go here:




    And navigate to that staff page and contact the Division Director there (Angel Perez) about what to do. Additionally you could navigate to the VATSIM - VATCA Forum under the VATSIM

    Central America, Mexico, Carribean heading on these forums, and post your question there.



    i did, no one has replied,i've patient

  3. Any new controller who has joined VATUSA after a certain date (Dec. 23rd?) is being given to the ARTCC as an OBS. You will need to comply with the new Global Policy restrictions (VATUSA's implementation was introduced tonight on the VATUSA Website), and you will be promoted to S1 when you demonstrate DEL/GND/TWR "competency" at your respective ARTCC.


    Good luck and welcome to VATSIM.



    still waiting to get atc training, i've emailed the relavent authorities.but no reply yet.i would like to control in the USA...





  4. hi guys,


    i got a email from Stephen Murphy, and he said that i had to contact someone from this region for atc training,i've had experience b4 and i have all the stuff like VRC n stuff..i can control in any US area..but as long as i start ASAP..gettin impatient..







  5. If you're an instructor and have downloaded the software, install it and view the included docomeentation. This will get you started and show you how to take advantage of the features of the ACSim. You can also view a flash tutorial that I put together by following the link below. The tutorial is not meant to replace the docomeentation, it's mean to make the docomeentation easier to understand. I suggest following both.




    If you're a student, there's nothing special that you need to do. You merely connect to the server (click here for a tutorial on doing this) and treat the aircraft as if they were real pilots. Someone on your instructing staff will provide the voices and/or text for all of the pilots and you should work and practice like you normally would.


    can i get the link please to download it



  6. I don't have a clue.. you would need to register or sign up and then ask your training instructors.. I'm not with VATUSA, I was just p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing on the information I knew..


    But all the best, and goodluck.


    is there a sign up page?

  7. Hi Lakhbir,


    ok this is my 3rd attempt to posting this since my internet browser kept not responding.


    I'm not too sure about the USA system of ATC but from what I told Bruno the otherday seemed to be alright.


    In VATUSA you will join the VATUSA Training Academy and take your OBS-STU test, then you will be at Student1 level and will take all the relevant training. Then after your first initial training you will choose your top 3 choices of ARTCC and then be sent to one of the 3 chosen ARTCC's. So I guess your first choice would be Indianapolis ARTCC.

    Once you are at the ARTCC you will be able to begin controlling but your training will still be ongoing if you want to advance through the ranks. You will most likely start controlling on DEL (Clearance Delivery) and then work your way up to GND and TWR. Then once you are ready to move on to the radar positions you will take your S3 (Student3) exam and training etc.


    You can view the VATUSA Training Academy information here: http://www.vatusa.org/training/


    This link here is some useful reading, on the right hand side of the page is the training notes for the relevant positions:



    And incase you want to have a browse through the Indianapolis ARTCC website: http://www.zidartcc.org/


    I wish you all the best in your training and hope you get your first choice in ARTCC.





    when does my training start?

  8. I'm sure thats what Norman meant also.


    Whereabouts are you interested in starting to control Lakhbir? We'll be able to help easier if you ave a general idea to which country you wish to control in.


    Indy and also a couple of airports down that way if possible



  9. ..i don't relly have a division i think


    There is a training department for the area you live in and I am sure the division you have chosen has one also.



    i just realized that i was in the Central American division








    sorry about the misunderstanding..i ment atc ONLINE..


  10. ..i don't relly have a division i think


    There is a training department for the area you live in and I am sure the division you have chosen has one also.



    i just realized that i was in the Central American division






  11. Hello,Lakhbir Singh here (sometimes I go by lak). I'm a pilot in the ireal world, but I want to start my training as a controller in the virtual world. I have had past experience.But i need someone to go through everything.with me so that i remember stuff.i am on leave until the 27th of Nov06.I appreciate your guiding me along.






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