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  1. An excellent appointment indeed. Congrats Florian
  2. Congrats Martin - very well deserved indeed.
  3. Well, actually Stephen it would be identical if a moderator was to open a topic in a hidden forum saying "I just deleted flyingfrantic's topic about selling his FS screenshot posters. Against the rules". Just because it's called a "staff forum" there and a "cert file/cert record" here doesn't make it much different. I think we'll have to agree to disagree Ivan
  4. That makes sense when you think about it, dramatically reduces the workload on data protection commissioners I'm sure for what in all fairness would be trivialities. Although I would still maintain that on request, a member should eb told what's on their file as long as it doesn't adversely affect anyone else. I can't see the harm in that - but I'm not going to start campaigning for it either.
  5. If what you're saying is true, creating a private forum section for "Moderators only" would be illegal under the data protection law. That pretty much makes any online forum illegal, doesn't it? Not really, a discussion in a moderators' section wouldn't be the same as a file held in a certain person's name. As for data protection not covering NPO's - could be the case, certainly, although I wasn't aware of it. Checking Irish law would be easy but I have no idea how to check US law and as that's where the data is held that's what counts.
  6. No you don't. You are informed of the exact reasons why you were suspended in the Suspension Notification email automatically when the action is initiated. The CERT profile contains two groups of items - one is the personal information (name, age, email....) and the technical information. You already know your personal information, so you wouldn't ask for that normally. The technical information is strictly confidential, and is not intended for the members. Legally speaking members are entitled to see ANY data held in their name should they wish to do so under data protection law,
  7. Gonna tell us what it is then? :D
  8. Sentiments echoed. Servinfo has so much more functionality than any other tool, and presents it in the best format. The only thing it's missing is the booking and the individual profiles that only vroute offers.
  9. Michal, Of course that's a perfectly reasonable explanation. You have developed this in entirely your own time. I was simply trying to understand te exact nature of the problem. We can wait for this to be fixed whenever you have the time. In the meantime, as it is a pressing issue for us, if we can be of any [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istance at all in helping you to help us, please let me know. Thanks, and apologies for any excess pressure. Stephen
  10. Talk about painting people with the same brush... If Seamus sent him 10 emails, that's between them. All I did was ask.
  11. 10th? Im completely lost...
  12. Well, maybe - but I have to try and be nice at the same time
  13. Michal, surely the only boundary change is with EGGX airspace which has straight edge boundaries? Should only be a few minor changes, no? I'm not trying to pressure you, simply understand the problem when there seems to have been no problem fixing other similar problems...
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