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  1. Thank ya'll for your responses. I guess I had the right idea. I just was wondering if it was possible for someone maybe to monitor a radar controller instead of UNICOM if at a cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] E surface airport. It doesn't seem logical, but IDK...sometimes I make things too complicated. I understand now and all's good .
  2. Stictly for VFR...If an airport is cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] E, what is expected of the pilots? I'm not talking about weather...I'm talking about are any radio communcations different on the ground? Are all aircraft expected to be on unicom for ground, takeoff and landing operations? Is it possible for someone to be in contact with ATC on the ground, for takeoff or taxi? It seems logical to me that the only thing that changes from a surface cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] G airport is how far from the clouds and minimum visibility; aircraft still are expected to be on unicom until airborn minus r
  3. Richard, Texas Takeoff was our Regional Night. I'm pretty sure we canceled it. If possible, can you remove that? Regards,
  4. Join me in congratulating Darryl Roach, ZHU's new Events Coordinator!
  5. ZHU is looking for an events coordinator (EC) and training administrator (TA). Events Coordinator (EC) ***POSITION FILLED*** Requirements: S3 rating or higher Good standings with VATSIM/VATUSA Transfer to ZHU Duties not limited to but include: Organize high-quality VATUSA-approved events Report to ATM/DATM and VATUSA events director Maintain a strong online presence Follow ZHU event policies Training Administrator (TA) Requirements: Must hold or have held the position of VATSIM instructor. Must have at least 50 hours of instruction given. Good standings with VA
  6. Can someone direct me to the VATUSA training requirements for each position from DEL-CTR. I can' t seem to find it on the training site. Thanks!
  7. David, Most of the time we do staff up our primary airports-KIAH and KHOU. Once and a while, especially during events in the area, we'll staff up SAT. If you're interested in becoming a controller at vZHU just contact me or some staff to get going and get to the point where you can control SAT. Good luck, and I'll see you online!
  8. What I would say is that as long as everyone is trying to do their best to keep everything realistic and not harm anyone else's simulation, then it shouldn't be too big of a deal. But when stuff like this happens, controllers can always improve on ways to reduce their workload.
  9. I would say it's okay when you know the guy Nate. It looks rude and uninviting from my end.
  10. I know it's been said a lot, but you guys need to stop being so arrogant and looking to find anything someone says that is wrong to you. Especially when you don't know what's going on probably in first place. This isn't middle school where you have to pick on everyone since you're insecure, or is it?
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