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  1. Joahua, This event rotates through Airports in each FIR; last time Piarco hosted Caribbean Nights it was hosted in Grantley Adams. But We will take requests into consideration for future events Thanks, Steve. I'll keep an eye out for a visit to TBPB!
  2. Just out of curisoity, is this event going to be in Grantley Adams, Barbados any time soon. Or did I miss that one? Thanks,
  3. I take it you mean the one authored by Mark Severn? If so, then I reall don't have any idea what you're talking about. It adds countless airlines to the database, it also corrects certain FIR boundaries and also the callsign that is displayed in the program. I worked closely with Mark when he was developing this addition and his countless hours of research have attracted nothing but positive comments until yours. Correct me if you weren't reffering to Mark - I'm just not aware of any other updates.
  4. What you forget, Mr. Skerry, is that oceanic controlling is procedural, which is nothing like a radar environment, so any enroute experience isn't going to aid the controller in any great deal.
  5. I'm not sure that request was as...errmmmm...kosher as it might seem. Allow me to point out that AS is a payware program! Josh
  6. That's correct, the suffix "heavy" is only ammended to an aircraft in a non en-route environment, for example, TWR, DEL or GND
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