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  1. Hello Anthony, Welcome to VATSIM. You seemed to have exhausted Wycliffe, so I shall step in since the topic is London Control. I am one of a small number of controllers that man the London Control positions - LON_CTR and EGTT_CTR, you may also see MAN_CTR (Manchester) and the first two broken down as LON_N_CTR/LON_S_CTR/EGTT_S_CTR/EGTT_N_CTR. More details of the airspace they cover is found on www.vatsim-uk.org in the EGTT section, however in summary EGTT_CTR is an enroute position but does cover airfields in the South West top down. LON_CTR covers the London TMA, so thats EGBB, EGGW, EGKK
  2. ...and even if you dont see EGLL_N_APP or EGLL_TWR, look out also for LON_CTR which provides top down cover. Either the EGLL positions and/or LON_CTR will be open most evenings between 8pm and 10pm UK local time.
  3. The lack of traffic this week is very noticable. No VATSIM-UK server doesn't mean no UK ATC or flying ?
  4. Hello, Is there any reason why controllers manning enroute sectors in Africe need to remove ICAO notations from flightplans? I have reviewed the flightplan affected and the notations were valid, but were removed by the controller.
  5. I'm sure anyone flying in the event will be well clear of UK airspace by then. No mate - we are talking every day wherever it is in the world - however, I now understand that the UK organised part of world ATC is not happening.
  6. This is only of limited interest to UK based ATC as the trip this year does not land in the UK, but does cross UK airspace on the morning of 7th Nov. Where local ATC isn't available, VATPAC should be providing controllers, however between 1300Z and 1900Z, they will be taking a break and some UK controllers are providing service - I think however, we might still be short of volunteers (C1 and above). You can contact me and I will put you in touch with the right person.
  7. Sounds like the shop made a profit out of that
  8. If we are talking about where the real world "Heathrow Director" controller is located, he is 70 miles from Heathrow at a place called Swanwick near Southampton where all the enroute and terminal area controllers are.
  9. Hi, Craig has pretty much answered it. Just to clarify a couple of specifics... There are three EGTT positions, EGTT_S_CTR, EGTT_N_CTR and EGTT_W_CTR. Currently when EGTT_S_CTR is open it also covers the airspace of EGTT_W_CTR as well, top down for southern part of UK south of Birmingham. This is due to change shortly and further information will be released in the next few weeks via www.vatsim-uk.org. These positions are all called "London Control", they are the enroute positions for England and Wales. The London TMA, which in US terms is the London TRACON, is also known as "London Co
  10. Easyjet or the Easygroup as a whole, continues to protect its brand with great vigour. It doesn't have to even be called Easy-anything that already exists.... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/money/main.jhtml?xml=/money/2008/07/23/bcncurry123.xml My advice would be to look for another airline to copy that is not so tough on this, but if you want to fly for Easyjet in a VA, join Air Source www.air-source.us where you can, without any concern about brand infringement.
  11. Perhaps you should start another tote who is to blame for the site not being there.... 10-1 Anthony 15-1 Anthony's mum 20-1 Follow me trucks 20-1 Navy boats 25-1 Space shuttle 100-1 VATSIM IVAO merger 100-1 Voice unicom
  12. If you are interesting in formation flying in the UK, might I suggest: http://www.cixvfrclub.org.uk/
  13. If there is any ATC nearby, they will appear in your ATC list, e,g if Cardiff Tower EGFF_TWR is online, you will see EGFF_TWR (125.0) listed. Just set your com1 to 125.0 to listen in/speak. If you are flying around the UK, you will find useful charts at www.ais.org.uk (free registration). Also have a look at the VATSIM-UK web site www.vatsim-uk.org
  14. Got any FS4 screenshots Norm? I am pineing for Crop dusting surrounded by 2D mountains
  15. For London TMA I think it should be shown on Servinfo out to the Belgian, French and Dutch FIR boundaries. Whilst this is not London TMA's space, we have been asked to do this as its pointless dropping track on outbounds for a few miles for the respective next center to pick it up and vice versa, VATSIM-UK thread http://www.vatsim-uk.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7305 refers. As far as vertical limits, I dont think Servinfo can show this.
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