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  1. Hello everyone, For some time now I've been experience a sort of voice lag with vPilot. I hear all transmissions however sometimes there is a slight delay and overlap of the transmissions between ATC and other aircraft, including myself. I forwarded the port listed in the manual via the Eero control panel with no luck. Has anyone with the same router as mine had any luck? If so could you share your solution?
  2. Hey Mr.Carlson, Thank you for taking the time to build what seems to be an awesome radar client. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say I really appreciate everything you've done for the community. With that said, I am having an issue running the program. The issue is, it does not run at all. When double-clicking the application icon, I get the error "The Application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Is there something I am missing on my computer that is preventing this from starting up? Thanks! (This is my office PC, please don't laugh at the lazy specs lol) Window
  3. Update: Problem does not occur when in Full Screen mode.
  4. Hey everyone. I recently upgraded an old pc I had lying around from XP to W7. I had FS9 running on it before flawlessly without any major problems. After a fresh install of Windows 7 32bit Premium and FS9, I've been having all sorts of issues with my display. The simulator is unbearable. I can't really fly at all without having to minimize the window and maximize it again so it, the display/game, can refresh. Mip Maps are horrible, panels can't be moved around (specifically the Ifly 737, But i know its not an aircraft issue). I wish I could explain it more in detail but I don't know ho
  5. I tried the full screen mode and the graphics look a lot sharper, but its also hard to work that way when I have DVA ACARS, ActiveSky and such. I Think its time for a second monitor.
  6. Very little improvement with that link posted. It actually made things pretty bad since it had be drop my Mip Mapping down to 4.
  7. I use an ATI Radeon HD 4500. Ill check that link out. Thank you sir!
  8. I had to post it separately so you guys could see the shimmer in the distance. HELP please http://i46.tinypic.com/292vbs0.png
  9. Ross, thats exactly what is happening. Its very annoying. Let me go ahead and try it, ill post a screenie
  10. How we doin' everyone? This has been killing me, when I say its killing me, I mean its really plucking my nerves. Im having this really annoying graphics shimmer issue in FS9 and its very distracting. My screenshots all of a sudden look horrible, the ground textures look as if they are being way too overworked on. If I lower the settings in FS they appear the opposite which is definitely what I do not want. I am running a Radeon HD 4500 on a laptop that has 4GB of Ram and a Intel Core 2 Duo processor. Can anyone help me? When I used to run FS on my MAC, this problem was never present.
  11. Trust me, Newark is a relatively easy airport to control since its a bit farther from LGA and JFK which are huge pains, you will never need those runway labels in about 1 day of controlling.
  12. lol yea. people act like the bugs are going to kill them. its only the first version. Cant expect it to be 100% perfect. What i do recommend is that he email the ARTCC's of vatsim to get some info on the airspace, then he can fix it.
  13. Alot of pilots file with HEAVY but never call using it, Most of the time i need to ask them if they are a heavy or not. Im not sure if this is accurate, but when i listen in on the RW coms for NY CTR I never hear the term HEAVY.
  14. You can say that again Andras. You guys have one for EWR?
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