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  1. The best answer is to tell you to watch the home page and this forum system. Those are our primary methods of communicating with the membership and both should be a regular part of your online browsing experience.
  2. No, you cannot. The definitive list of what is approved and not on VATSIM can be found in the Docomeent Library on the main VATSIM web site www.vatsim.net Specifically, you want www.vatsim.net/software.html and you will see that both SB3 and FSInn are approved only for authorized beta testers at this point. General release of both will occur later this year.
  3. Yes, SB2 works with FS98. None of the new clients will but SB2 will continue to be supported precisely because we still have some FS98 and FS2000 pilots in our ranks.
  4. Get connected without voice first. That will insure that you can actually connect to VATSIM. Once you've successfully got that working, integrate voice. Do not try to do both at once or you are asking for confusion.
  5. For now. There's no guarantee it will stay in place either. Because of the many different jurisdictions and pricing models, there is no exact way to put a value on what VATSIM's infrastructure costs each year. The best one can do is estimate based on what some of the currently commercially hosted boxes cost. If you do the math, and these are probably conservative numbers, the network costs in excess of USD $25,000 per year. Just food for thought...
  6. At last count, it was about 2.7% and rising (slowly).
  7. There was an issue with his address forwarding that was fixed earlier this week.
  8. Yes. You haven't successfully registered FSUIPC. Go to the PRC at http://www.vatsim.net/prc or look in the PDF docs that came with the all-in-one software download. There are a set of steps there for registering FSUIPC. Follow them EXACTLY and you'll be fine.
  9. What address are you using? Are you trying more than one server?
  10. If you are seeing other aircraft in the SB TCAS but not in FS9 or FSNav, then you haven't joined the multiplayer session with FS9. You're running SBrelay and then having FS9 join the session it hosts, correct?
  11. No, it's not likely a port problem since you initiate the connection to a known TCP port and NAT is designed to work exactly that way. Have you checked to be sure you are a) visible on ServInfo, b) visible where you think you actually are and c) there is ATC online within range of your position?
  12. You don't have FSUIPC correctly installed with its key. Visit the Pilot Resource Center for more information on how to do this correctly.
  13. Are you sure you have FSUIPC installed correctly? If not, the controller will be unable to see your text messages. Visit the Pilot Resource Center for more information about how to set up FSUIPC, particularly V3 FSUIPC with its registration key.
  14. Ok, Sam, you've been helped. Several times. If you aren't willing to spend an hour or two reading and understanding the PRC docomeents that you got in your all-in-one download, your virtual aviation career is going to be very short. Instant gratification is not available here. It requires some effort on your part, some study on your part, and some more effort on your part. You seem to want to connect and observe. If you're going to do that, you must be connected to the network as a pilot or a controller before you can listen to what is going on. The instructions for how to do it as
  15. You will have better luck asking in the AVC support forum since that's where the developer will be more likely to see your question. You can reach it here.
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