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  1. Gary, I have a USB headset that has a mic, and I have used it for years. It works in every other audio app that I have. Please remember that before the new VATSIM codec everything worked just fine. brandon
  2. Answers to your questions in the order you have them: Yep. Radios properly setup to receive. Yep. Right output device selected. No voice meter software installed. Only running FSX SP2 and vPilot. Yep. In range of ATC. Example: At KSFO and cannot hear GND controller on freq at SFO, COMM1 radio is selected in the flight deck, and unable to receive SFO ATIS.
  3. Just wanted to see if AFV codec issue has a potential fix date? I have the latest version of vPilot that installed 2 days ago, my sim is FSX SP2, and when I transmit everyone on freq can hear me, but I still cannot hear anything nor can I receive ATIS (audio or text). OS: Win 10 64bit
  4. Oops. I posted this thread in the wrong forum. There is a problem according to the guy who tests audio for vPilot devs.
  5. Just wanted to see if vPilot codec issue has a potential fix date? I have the latest version of vPilot, my sim is FSX SP2, and when I transmit everyone on freq can hear me, but I still cannot hear anything nor can I receive ATIS (audio or text). OS: Win 10 64bit
  6. You say that it is not a Simconnect issue, and I see that your signature says that you are on the vPilot dev team. So could you please get someone at vPilot to look at my case? Does vPilot generate a file or some kind of report as to how it is setup or functioning on my computer? Thank you.
  7. Is there a way that I can contact the AFV developers?
  8. Thanks for your post. You are right in that I am running FSX SP2. I do own the DVD Acceleration pack but I have not installed it since I bough this computer a couple years ago. Before VATSIM began running the new CODEC on their servers, I think all members were notified that if vPilot was the client that users were running to connect to VATSIM, then the only thing that needed to be updated was vPilot. If I read your post correctly, then my question now is: Since the only thing that has changed on my end is an updated version of vPilot, why would that affect any files in FSX, or require
  9. I have the original DVD "normal" version of FSX and not the DVD Deluxe version installed. I thought that the SDK along with simconnect files only came with the FSX Deluxe version.
  10. Since you have P3D and I have FSX, how would I reinstall Simconnect clients?
  11. Sort of the same problem here. However when I transmit everyone can hear me but I cannot hear them. Also I cannot receive ATIS on audio or text while on VATSIM. After logging off VATSIM I can then hear FSX's ATIS and receive it by text as usual in the banner on top of the screen. I have the latest version of vPilot. This happens with any airplane that I have. A CTR controller tried to help me with 2 other pilots who had fixed their systems after the new CODEC, but everyone was at a loss. They tried helping me for over an hour in having me try countless things to do but nothing wor
  12. I never meant my tone to come across as hostile, but rather factual in what happened. When asked questions, I responded. I see that 1 or more of my posts in this thread are gone. One in which I apologized. So I will not post in VATSIM any more. If a response is made to me in this thread, I will not respond. This is my last post in the VATSIM forums.
  13. I’d be very interested to see a copy of that, because if it were truly that close to disaster, I can’t believe that it wouldn’t have been more common knowledge. I see that my voice to text screwed up some info. It was a UniteExpress Emb-175 final into ORD in February 2016 if memory serves me correctly. The way in which the FAA handled it (clearing everyone of any wrongdoing) might be why it is not common knowledge if I had to guess.
  14. It wasn't an apology. Do you know what CRM means for someone with a physical disability? After you do than maybe you might consider that using a mouse, keyboard, and headset in VATSIM's environment is a bit difficult for those of us that have disabilities. And by the way, the incident with the airliner and helicopter did happen.
  15. Interesting. Mind sharing a link to where I can find this report? Interesting apology.
  16. He's a real world controller, so I'm going to safely say that that is a bad [Mod - Happy Thoughts]umption... First of all he is not polite in what he said to me. Zero tact. Very rude to say what he said to anyone. If VATSIM is to be as real as it gets, then he should know how many reports the FAA receives from ATPs in reporting controller mistakes from certain airports vs. other airports with same traffic flows. I would like to only give 1 example but it involves the real world so I will not say what happened. So let's just say, thank God for TCAS.
  17. As a quick note: I'm not going to respond to the Shane individual because it seems that he lacks the ability as to properly respond in a polite manner, and especially to a disabled person (me) who can no longer sit in a real cockpit because of the disability. And it seems he has no clue as to how ATC functions. Airline pilots constantly correct controllers on an amicable basis, and if the controller gets upset ATPs file more reports with the FAA about controllers mistakes than you want to know about. Some mistakes that mirror what I reported here. I know real world ATPs, one of which is in my
  18. The map I look at is this one: https://map.vatsim.net/ I used to fly real airplanes until I lost my medical. So I am aware as to how things should work, and I'm pretty proficient in my aircraft that I simulate flying on VATSIM. The 2 worst sectors on VATSIM in my experience are LA and ATL. When I'm descending thru 18k at both LA ctr and ATL ctr, the chances of them handing me over to app is 1 in 10. The last time I flew into the LA area, I wasn't handed over to SOCAL app until 10,000 ft. even though I had been asking for a handoff, but no, still being told to remain on his freq. Wh
  19. 1. Why is it that Denver CTR kept me on their freq all the way til handing me off to LA CTR? I was over Northern Arizona and I asked DEN CTR how much longer he was going to keep me on his freq and he replied, 44nm until you are no longer in my airspace. What map was he looking at that shows DEN CTR airspace connecting to LA CTR airspace? 2. Why is it that so many controllers are so reluctant in [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igning a runway until you are about 5 minutes from your arrival airport? Do they understand that in order to setup an approach, we who are in the air flying [Mod - Happy Though
  20. Thank you for the reply. The captain's mic was hot. Both captain and co-pilot radios were set the usual way when you set the 777's status to long turn around after you first initialize the 777.
  21. FSX SP2 in the PMDG 777-200F. Radios were turned on.
  22. This is a first for me. Before I forget I always run vPilot as admin, and in this instance I shutdown vPilot and re-started it but neither helped. So a VATSIM supervisor told me to post the problem here as he helped me as much as he could: First of all I tried some ".com1 122.800" commands the supervisor told me to try but that did not help. I dialed the appropriate freq into the captain's side Comm 1 radio but it would not change the Com 1 freq in vPilot. However when I changed the freq on the co-pilot's com radio, vPilot's Com 2 freq did change, but I could not use it because Com 2'
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