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  1. That's....not so nice. And they did not tell you about AeroSors?? https://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids3.html Also: have you tried vasFMC (freeware) ?
  2. You will have to find out what data format easyFMC requires and how to update it (documentation of the product). Then check Navigraph and Navdatapro if they offer this product and at what price.
  3. Hi Ethan, what's the FMC that you are using? There are 2 suppliers for navigation data: Navigraph and Aerosoft NavadataPro. You will need to check which of the two offers this data in the right format for your FMC.
  4. Those digits just indicate the latest revision number of procedures.
  5. Just to be sure: you are using vPilot only, not the standalone AFV-client?
  6. Hi Ali, is your complete route set? Or will the next leg always be planned spontaneously? If it is a fixed route, you may have more success in dragging people in by listing all the upcoming legs, the dates and approximate times for these flights. One good way of presenting the flights would be a screenshot of Skyvector with the entire plan or at least of the next few legs, it may raise the appetite of other pilots. Also, the forum has a dedicated section for group flights: https://forums.vatsim.net/forum/305-come-fly-with-me/ Are you a member of the new Discord server of VA
  7. Welcome back Kyle! Great to have you. You may want to open a support ticket with Membership, this may be the most efficient way.
  8. You still need to brief this approach: ILS frequency, localizer course, glidepath angle, final approach point, minimum, missed approach procedure, expected taxiways after landing. It's a quick thing if you have two experienced pilots in a cockpit who are based at this airport. Otherwise it will take a few more seconds to quickly review these items.
  9. Oh, I see. "Skybrary" is an excellent resource for things like METAR decoding: https://www.skybrary.aero/index.php/Meteorological_Terminal_Air_Report_(METAR) IFR flight planning is a complex subject. An excellent starting point for you will be simBrief. It's free of charge (donations welcome) and it will take planning your flights to the next level. For the UK there are some standard routes available for certain city-pairs, you may want to stop by the website of VATSIM UK, they certainly got more information on this. Otherwise, don't forget to have a look at Skyvector, it's good to u
  10. Hi Sam, have you seen this page? https://www.vatsim.net/pilot-resource-centre/ifr-specific-lessons/basic-ifr-flight-planning
  11. I do not use XSquawkbox, so I could only provide general troubleshooting feedback. Have you tried setting 122.800 on both radios and then listen to your own voice from COM2?
  12. Congratulations and welcome to VATSIM! You can always ask for "delay vectors to prepare new approach" if you need more time to get it setup - don't forget that you are the PIC (pilot in command), you are responsible for the safe conduct of the flight, ATC is here to support you.
  13. Please have a look here: https://xsb2-manual.readthedocs.io/en/latest/using-xsquawkbox.html#using-the-radio
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