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  1. Hello Bob, just to make sure we are talking about the same thing: I did not mean the Setup Wizzard that you start from within swiftLAUNCHER, but I mean the prompt at the end of the initial-installation process, where it should you ask you whether you would like to copy your settings or not ("yes" or "no"). Now, please start swiftDATA and have a look how many planes you got in your "Active Model Set". If it's empty, then you'll need to populate it from your "Own Model Set", do you know how to do this? If not, you can have a look here: https://youtu.be/LZ05ojUA_yk The video was made with CSL for X-Plane, but the principle stays the same for FS9 or any other simulator. I will be away until tomorrow afternoon. I hope you'll be able to sort out this issue and see other pilots/aircraft then!
  2. That's sad that you are completely disregarding reality. "Many years ago" we did not have Euroscope. With Euroscope ATCOs can define "2000" as non-discrete transponder code or whatever. If you personally feel better by setting an unrealistic code like 2200, then go on. You could also set 7777. Same result. I don't understand some of you. On one the hand people want to simulate reality the die-hard way, but on the other hand they are straight-out refusing to upgrade their knowledge and adapt their procedures.
  3. Hello Bob, do I understand it correctly that during the installation process, swift does NOT ask you (at the very end of the process) if you want to copy your settings and model set(s) from your previous version? And: is FS9 definitely connected to swiftGUI through the multiplayer menu of FS9?
  4. By standard (just like in the real world) I always set SQ2000 at the end of my flights to have the XPDR readily set for my next leg. Only in the US it would be 2200, obviously.
  5. Ok, then try this and should be set.
  6. I just tested FS9 and the latest release of swift and all was good here. Will enquire at our Discord. PS: Have you removed and added your PTT like this? https://dev.swift-project.org/w/help/spc/hotkeys/
  7. Hi Leslie, thanks for the feedback. You probably meant version .377 , didn't you? I haven't tested it with FS9 yet, but shall do so today.
  8. Hi Mike, https://forums.vatsim.net/search/?&q="no landing gear"&search_and_or=or&sortby=relevancy http://xpilot.clowd.io/docs#starting
  9. Is 2200 the official non-discrete code in the UK? No, it is not. As per ICAO the standard IFR code is 2000 until ATC assigns you a specific code, such as 1000 😄 2200 is valid for the USA only. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_transponder_codes
  10. Okay. On EURM_CTR, for example, a new SQ is only assigned to pilots with DUPE or invalid/unassigned transponder codes. The ModeS-plugin should normally take the destination into account, but obviously it doesn't always work. On the other hand, is it really tiring to press F9 to assign a new transponder code and tell the pilot to set it? Or just add 1000 as squawk code for mode s transponders, problem solved.
  11. Thanks for the report. Could you please specify what version did not work for you anymore? Completely deleting and adding PTT-definitions did not work?
  12. Aircraft have crashed for similar reasons in the real world, so why shouldn't it happen at VATSIM? Always be vigilant and never shy away from saying the two magic words: Going around!
  13. Hello Sean, so far it's not planned, but could be done in the future. Sorting out "bigger fish" at the moment.
  14. Yes, this is a public forum, you can read this thread without logging in to the forums, thus it's public. Perfect, that's the way to go. Yes, as an ATCO this happens to me as well from time to time. But as an ATCO you certainly do not instruct pilots to descend to 100ft above the landing elevation to intercept the glideslope a litte bit further down the localizer! In the above shown diagram I'd have sent a pilot down to 3200ft - getting established later/lower than this altitude wouldn't be a good idea. As flight crew it is also your responsibility (to stay alive) to monitor your navigation and to keep the big picture. We call this "situational awareness" and it is one of the most important things for pilots to build and to maintain, right after the coffee in the morning!
  15. You will need to get in touch with the VACC that the airport is located in. Not on a public forum...
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