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  1. As they say: RTFM 🙂
  2. Hmm, I opened Google and typed "FSX vasFMC download" and got this: http://c-aviation.net/vasfmc-freeware-fmc-for-fsx/ That's all you need to get going. Give it a try, you cannot lose anything, can you? Alternatively there's a nice payware product called "ISG - Integrated Simavionics": http://isgsim.com/ Obviously, should you be planning on upgrading to the new MSFS later this month, I'd hold on and wait for this product. Re NavData: I think it's a very good and vital investment to keep you data current to perform professional flights online, should you have the financial resources for it, of course.
  3. What pilot client are you using?
  4. If you are using FSX, you should have a look into "vasFMC". This is a freeware FMC that can be implemented in most if not all aircraft panels. You should, however, keep its navigation data (AIRAC) more or less up to date, because waypoints, airways and procedures change regularly.
  5. Maybe from the Historic Jetliner Group, they have great stuff! https://simviation.com/hjg/
  6. Since Kai Tak is still a popular airport at VATSIM, it might be worth checking with the Development team of VATSIM if they could simply create a copy of the VHHH's METAR and insert it as "VHHX" into VATSIM's METAR stream.
  7. The Events Calendar of VATSIM usually lists more than just "big events", but also weekly online days of VACCs. You can also check out booked ATC stations through Qutescoop or vroute https://vroute.net/ or local VACC websites - many do list those reservations.
  8. But PDC is used heavily (in the real world), even in the US (from my own experience), although VATSIM USA does deliver PDC via private chat messages instead of Hoppie, which also works fine enough.
  9. Hi Philip, not all ATC offer PDC or CPDLC. You need to check the "controller information" of each ATC-station as they usually state their PDC or CPDLC address there.
  10. In general you can remember: domestic and local VFR flights normally do NOT require a flightplan, especially not here on VATSIM international VFR flights definitely require flightplans in the real world, so you may want to file on here on VATSIM, too And even if you fly under circumstances where no flightplan is required, it still may be a good idea to file a very basic one to give other people around you an idea of what your intentions are. For altitude and route you can insert "VFR".
  11. ....and don't forget: the new MFS is partially based on code of FSX. Not that it automatically means that it will be bad. Just keep your expectations at a reasonable level to either avoid getting disappointed or be really happy, because it has exceeded your expectations.
  12. Try Qutescoop with the latest set of airspace data:
  13. ....and the only and correct wording to announce that one is following a TCAS RA is: "TCAS RA". Nothing else.
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