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  1. VATSIM Germany considers Berlin-Tegel "closed". You are free to operate to and from it, but only in VFR conditions and without ATC-control. More information here: https://forums.vatsim.net/topic/29707-berlin-opens-its-new-airport-heres-what-will-change-on-vatsim-eddt-eddi/
  2. I have been onboard a 727 that did a power-back in Miami. Good old days!
  3. No, callsigns are unique to the entire network at any given time. You cannot reserve a callsign, it is first come, first serve.
  4. Oh, I am not running the "who's got the longer schlong" competition, I am too old for this 😄 I was just trying to make sure Dustin understands that I am not a pure SIM or armchair pilot. Basically, I stick to what I wrote before: when I have an emergency (engine failure, fire, loss cabin pressure etc.) I set 7700, anywhere in the world.
  5. ...and if customers get greeted like this, they will probably not just "not contact" ATC-groups, but completely avoid those places and take their business somewhere else. Or have we reached the point in time where pilots need to ask ATC facilities for permission to use their airports??
  6. Hi Dustin, I have been working 20+ years as an ATP rated pilot and in an emergency we definitely set SQ7700, it actually is part of our training. In some places ATC will even ask pilots to not just call MAYDAY, but also to set 7700 if they forgot to do it in the heat of the moment, for the above mentioned reasons.
  7. LNM is great, Simbrief is greater 😄
  8. In the real world you will still set 7700 to make sure all other/adjacent sectors are aware of the emergency.
  9. And just to be sure: "7500" is not an emergency code (aka MAYDAY), but the one for illicit things going on, a hijacking. At VATSIM - for obvious reasons - it is not allowed to simulate hijacking situations. A normal emergency is code 7700 and you should declare "MAYDAY, MADAY, MADAY, [description of the nature of your problem and your immediate intentions]". Actually, there's a nice mnemonic for those codes: ICE! I : Illicit things going on (hijack) 7500 C : radio/communication failure 7600 E : Emergency 7700 At VATSIM you can only simulator the "E" of ICE. Stay
  10. Where did you source your flightplan route? Simbrief suggests (DTY3N) DTY WCO MID KIDL1G as its first pick.
  11. Perfect, thanks for your feedback!
  12. Hi Peter, are you running both FS9 and swiftGUI "as administator"? And if yes, if swiftGUI does not automatically connect to FS9's multiplayer session, you'll need to do this manually: in FS9 access the "File" menu and from there open the multiplayer option. You should see swiftGUI's session in there, just join it. If the connection is successful, you'll see that the "Simulator LED" in the status bar (on top of swiftGUI) will light up: https://docs.swift-project.org/doku.php?id=status_bar Feel free to reach out should you run into trouble with this. In case that you are using Discord
  13. Try the freeware "Working Title CJ4", they seem to have done wonders on the default CJ4 - from what I read, it is the most advanced IFR aircraft in MSFS at this time.
  14. And in general Google (or any other search engine) is your friend: A320neo icao type code
  15. I just used #7618 and had no issues, except for the well known bug with the cloud layers.
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