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  1. But can we agree, that learning standard Spanish/Portuguese/Italian/French ATC phrases is rather easy? Asian languages are rather "distant" for Europeans, for example. But if somebody wishes to go through the process, why stop him or her?
  2. No, I think that EUC is an excellent example and also a great unit. I am sorry that you have made bad experiences with it.
  3. Excellent! I know of other facilities who never heard and never even thought about this. I hope they will have a look at it.
  4. Technical problems (internet down, power outage) or servicemen (firemen) may be in this situation. No, it won't happen often, but it usually happens at the most inconvenient time 🙂
  5. We all know that VATSIM is mostly under-crewed on the training side, that's a fact. What can we do? Increase the pay, the number of off-days? Obviously not. That's why I wrote that VATSIM needs to find a way to use its limited human resources in a more efficient way. One concept is to put not just one candidate into basic training, but 3, 4 or 5. Talking about what VATSIM is, how the processes work, how you work DEL and GND, can be done in bulk. The actual training sessions on the network have to be one-on-one, of course. But even during these live training sessions you can have other tra
  6. Dublin EIDW does this, too: "report first waypoint on your FMS" is a standard question there before you are allowed to depart. I also had this at another airport in Europe, I do not remember where exactly anymore, been flying too much recently.
  7. That would be the problem of said "tourist". He knew before he travelled. Overall, I am positive that nearly all candidates will embrace this, because they will still climb the ladder quite a bit quicker, compared to waiting for 6 to 9 months before starting training at their original facility. Is everyone else here so pessimistic as well? What's going on?
  8. Have you read the quoted sentence in context? And disciplinary action could be the removal of controlling privileges for a certain/airport/airspace. On one hand we have facility managers complain that they have to endure rating-tourists, on the other it's not right that you are entitled to do something against those, who get frustrated by sitting on an unwanted position and snap at pilots. What now?
  9. If they don't perform well or, worse, behave badly towards other members, you always have the tools to discipline them. And all units need to play the game the same or in a similar way: we expect candidates to embrace the chance. They receive training and a rating, in turn the least they owe is service to members. I am sure that 95% of people will be fine, whatever the system looks like. I am more positive about it and I think that you also should see the bright side of it: smaller units that attract such transfer-controllers, will be able to provide more ATC services more often and for l
  10. Hi Erik, I think you are seeing this too negatively. To me the glass of water is half full, not half empty.
  11. From what I have seen, it is more likely that candidates who transfer out for training, wouldn't have continued with VATSIM at all, otherwise. And why do visitors jump the queue all the time? Visitors without prior experience (= no ATC ratings) should stand in line like everyone else, when applying for training. If a candidate is already rated, a shortened training session and self-study will usually suffice to get him up to speed, consuming very little mentoring time. Only when such a rated controller wants to progress and achieve a higher rating, more training resources will be needed, but t
  12. If a candidate is blessed with more than just 2 brain cells, they will find the local AIP that offers some advice for phraseology. The rest will be done with Google Translator, YouTube videos and the local staff. I do, however, sympathize with the fact that it would be a huge task to learn Japanese phrases, for example. The takeaway from this discussion is, IMO, that this is not a black&white topic, but that it does contain a number of shades of grey.
  13. To be clear: I do not think that it is bad to start your training in another place, if your originally requested place of control has a huge queue. But I do expect such trainees to pay respect to the place where they received their training and contribute to their ATC roster for a while. This is the minimum that you should do. For this, the new policy is spot on, I think.
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