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  1. Some pilot clients even allow you to select an ATC-station from a list and directly tune its frequency through the click of a mouse button.
  2. Hi David, in an ideal world we all should be patient and understanding with each other. Well, our world is not ideal, so someone might have had a few "special pilots" already and then you connected and misunderstood or missed an instruction or two. Also, some context may be important: as a newbie it might not be a great idea to connect at a busy airport, but rather begin your career at smaller/less busy airfields with ATC. Chances are that the controllers will then have more capacity to correct your calls and explain some things. If it is really busy, 2 or 3 new pilots can really max out
  3. Hi Kerem, with xSquawkbox 2.x you do NOT need to install and run the separate AFV application, because the voice codec is already integrated into xSquawkbox.
  4. Hi Robert, by default QT is not supposed to display all sectors, but only the ones that are active. The function "display all sectors" is more for troubleshooting and sector-verification. But I will raise it as an "issue" on GitHub, maybe the developers can change it: https://github.com/qutescoop/qutescoop/issues/23
  5. Charlie has flown online several times with us already as "SK404". "SK" is the 2-letter IATA-code of Scandinavian airlines. To be realistic you have to use 3-letter ICAO-codes and for Sandinavian that would be "SAS", hence your callsign should have been "SAS404". https://www.vatsim.net/pilot-resource-centre/general-lessons/choosing-callsign
  6. What buttons are you guys using? You need to use one of the push-buttons! The most realistic button is the one that you can use with your left index finger and PTT can be configured with it just fine.
  7. In addition to Martijn's reply: I think you handled it perfectly. TWR only controls the airfield and airspace D (control zone) around the airport. So it was absolutely correct for you to stay on UNICOM until you were on final. Why? Because you need to coordinate your approach with other pilots and the only way to do so is via radio communication on frequency 122.8 . And: as Martijn says, you simply could have stuck with your plan to land on 25R, because the change of runways happened at a very late stage in approach and you only found out by chance - in the real world and on VATSIM I usua
  8. The sector data has been released in the meantime, great.
  9. The thing is: if you are 1 or 2 steps ahead of your aircraft, you will catch unexpected behaviour much easier than trying to monitor everything all the time, which is very fatiguing. It needs an awful lot of training and routine to achieve this. I have not touched a real aircraft since May this year and will do my SIM-training and check next week. I expect the first few hours to be quite rough. Luckily I have my flight simulator game at home and in conjunction with VATSIM it is a great device to stay current in respect to some aspects of real flying. It will be easier for me than for my return
  10. EDMM have revised their sectorization this year, but there's no updated airspace data available for Vatspy or Qutescoop yet, still waiting for those guys to create and upload it. Until then they will have to live with pilots calling up to find out about their status. I personally use Qutescoop and as mentioned above it still contains the depiction for slightly outdated sectors of Munich.
  11. In simple words: the airspace of EDMM consists of several sectors and not all of them do cover the area of EDDM/Munich airport. For German airports you can search for the airport in question at https://vatsim-germany.org/pilots/aerodromes and then scroll down to find out about the CTR-stations that are responsible for this airport. If you are not sure, call up the ATC anyway and they will let you know whether you'll need to depart on UNICOM or if they are going to provide you with service. As CTR also controls airspace "top down" during the absence of local services such as APP, TWR, GND and D
  12. For real flight numbers, monitor sources like Flightaware or Flightradar24. If you use SimToolKitPro: it has a database for real flights as well, based on last year's data.
  13. This is the number one thought of experienced pilots and with this in mind the other items come together easily. Very nice text, Simon.
  14. What version of LittleXPConnect did you use? Version 1.0.18 was causing these crashes, the newer ones were fine. We had the same issue with swift.
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