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  1. Hi Allan, good feedback. Can you please bring some realworld SELCAL examples, please? I had a brief look around some databases and could not find any that would follow your advice. Do you happen to have some tail numbers to look for?
  2. Sure, but it is not required. Just set the assigned transponder code and ATC is aware of your PDC-status. Other than PDC, if you get clearance by DCL, you are back to a closed-loop message that you need to acknowledge within your interface. In this case ATC would receive information that you have acknowledged the clearance. The current PDC-solution by Hoppie is doing exactly this: you have to reply through your ACARS.
  3. "PDC" is always a text-based message.
  4. No, of course not. By setting the assigned transponder code you acknowledge the receipt of your clearance.
  5. Ok, I had remembered that incorrectly, indeed! Thanks for the correction. Robin, as Claude wrote, if you want to use Vulkan/Metal, you need to use another client: xpilot is a minimalistic client like vpilot and XSB, swift will also do the job and has more functions. I suggest you have a look at both: http://xpilot-project.org/ https://docs.swift-project.org/doku.php?id=start
  6. Isn't xSquawkbox supposed to work with Vulkan/Metal as well?
  7. Looks like the CSL-format is not compatible with Vulkan and/or XSB is unable to appropriately access their files, hence the lack of aircraft models. Have they been registered/linked correctly within XSB? In case that you are using X-CSL models, you will have to convert them first to be compatible with XSB. Regarding Bluebell: have you downloaded them recently? They received a major update in August last year that replaced all older versions of it.
  8. Hi all, maybe we could all accept that there simply are differences in the systems on both sides of the Atlantic? It's like in the real world: when we cross the Pond from Europe to North America, we actively have to request our oceanic clearance through our AFIS (ACARS) interface. Coming back to Europe, they will automatically send it to us when we get closer to our oceanic entry point. Conclusion: flying westbound, we have to request our datalink clearance, going east we need to monitor the system and do something if we do NOT automatically receive it. The same goes for PDC/DCL at VATSIM
  9. Aaaah, you found the error that I was making! All good now, thanks a lot. Will test it during my next session.
  10. Great! I am now trying to implement it into my Topsky setup. However, I stumbled over this: Where can I find this? I thought that this a tag-item that can be chosen in the ES' Tag Editor, but it does not seem to be listed there.
  11. You don't necessarily have to brief such an approach thoroughly, just have a look at the chart, check for significant differences (final approach altitude, minimum, missed approach procedure in general, navaids, final approach course) to the approach that you actually expected and briefed first. This way you will not be taken by surprise when ATC assigns that approach and runway to you. And when you are not ready for that approach yet, tell ATC that you need x more minutes before you are ready for approach. It is your responsibility as PIC to asses your situation and keep ATC up to date if you
  12. Oh, I see. There should be a way for you to start your New Member Orientation course, nevertheless. Have you tried the "Forgotten Password" option? Otherwise, the Support Team will have to help you indeed.
  13. He's only shown as "inactive", so he will be able to reactivate his account with a mouse-click.
  14. In Windows change the "standard warning sound" to what you would like to hear as a notification for your Hoppie Airborne Client. I am using a German Version of Windows and the item is called "Standardton Warnsignal".
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