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  1. And before you call a SUP, you may want to send a text message to the "offender", telling him politely that you think his behaviour is not appropriate.
  2. I know, but the question about software to be downloaded made me think that he might be mistaking the two things. Let's find out.
  3. Are you talking about this plugin for Euroscope that downloads and displays the current NATs?
  4. Hi Vassily, some addon sceneries contain static aircraft and if developers do not offer a version that is free of static aircraft, you can remove those static aircraft (and surrounding ground service objects) manually. It is quite easy, I do it all the time with the Overlay Editor. It can be found here and here. There is one limitation for this program: it can only read and modify scenery files that are located inside X-Plane 11\Custom Scenery\ . If you have sceneries that are just linked from another place on your computer, you will have to move them at least temporarily to your \Cu
  5. Great that you got it work. TCAS is a thing that the team has not got to work. The implementation for FS9 is "experimental" and we are investing more time in maintaining compatibility with FSX, P3D, XP11 and MSFS. I think that is quite understandable.
  6. Ah, interesting, that's contrary to what we have experienced so far. There should be copies only when FPLs get amended. I just checked it for my flight from last night, ASA61. There are 3 versions, although I amended the FPL only once. No idea where the excess FPL came from.
  7. Everytime a FPL gets edited by ATC, a new version is registered. That's why you will see multiple FPLs for one flight.
  8. It should work this way. Both programs need to be run the same way, either normal or "as administrator".
  9. Hi Phil, what version of swift do you have, exactly? Are both instances (FS9 + swiftGUI) running "as administrator"?
  10. Chris' latest statement here was:
  11. You could send me a private message here on the forum. I will send you one. But also delete the access data that you posted here yesterday, for your own security.
  12. What about making vPilot go "on top of all apps" in case of such an unintentional disconnect?
  13. Oh, do not publish your credentials here in public, bad things may happen!
  14. Some Dutch have a very strong accent and in their language "S" isn't pronounced "Es", but more like "sh".
  15. Do you have some kind of anti-virus software that is not allowing connections? The easiest would be a screenshare session to have a better look at it.
  16. Hi Stephen, you will probably be best helped over at VATSIM UK Forum: https://community.vatsim.uk/
  17. If your aircraft is not able to maintain a Target Mach Number, you can calculate the IAS (indicated airspeed) that is needed to maintain a given Mach Number. https://aerotoolbox.com/airspeed-conversions/ In this converter enter your current altitude in feet activate and insert the temperature difference from ISA (international standard atmosphere). E.g. if you are at FL350 the ISA temperature is about -54 deg C static air temperature (SAT). Determine your current SAT and then enter the difference from the indicated ISA. Do not mistake it with the measured total air temper
  18. Hi Miklos, first of all, for FS9 you need to use the 32bit version of swift, because FS9 and FSUIPC for FS9 are 32bit-applications (https://docs.swift-project.org/doku.php?id=download_swift_installer). You can install swift on the same drive D:\ as your flight simulator, but better install it in a separate folder outside the SIM-directory, for example in D:\FS-Online\swift-0.9.5-32bit (that's how I installed swift on my system). Uninstall swift again, but also make sure you delete it's AppData directory to start a full fresh installation. The directory looks like this: C:\Users\
  19. Here's a collection of useful pages for some of the topics: ADS-B: https://skybrary.aero/index.php/Automatic_Dependent_Surveillance_Broadcast_(ADS-B) ADS-C: https://www.skybrary.aero/index.php/Automatic_Dependent_Surveillance_-_Contract_(ADS-C) ADS-information at Wikipedia (quite accurate): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Automatic_dependent_surveillance_–_broadcast
  20. Hi Miklos, we never had something like this happen to anyone else. Something else must have happened, because swift is not doing anything with FS9 apart from connecting to the Multiplayer function of the simulator. What version of swift did you install? In what directory? What "turns off"? FS just closes without a message? Or swift?
  21. Hello Hardik, welcome to VATSIM. The answer to your question is "yes". At VATSIM we call this "top down control".
  22. KSEA Seattle: for X-Plane pilots I rather recommend this freeware scenery: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/65541-ksea-seattle-tacoma-international-airport-version/
  23. Make sure you also select a valid radio in your aircraft panel, you need to work on its audio control panel.
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