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  1. Isn't xSquawkbox supposed to work with Vulkan/Metal as well?
  2. Looks like the CSL-format is not compatible with Vulkan and/or XSB is unable to appropriately access their files, hence the lack of aircraft models. Have they been registered/linked correctly within XSB? In case that you are using X-CSL models, you will have to convert them first to be compatible with XSB. Regarding Bluebell: have you downloaded them recently? They received a major update in August last year that replaced all older versions of it.
  3. Hi all, maybe we could all accept that there simply are differences in the systems on both sides of the Atlantic? It's like in the real world: when we cross the Pond from Europe to North America, we actively have to request our oceanic clearance through our AFIS (ACARS) interface. Coming back to Europe, they will automatically send it to us when we get closer to our oceanic entry point. Conclusion: flying westbound, we have to request our datalink clearance, going east we need to monitor the system and do something if we do NOT automatically receive it. The same goes for PDC/DCL at VATSIM
  4. Aaaah, you found the error that I was making! All good now, thanks a lot. Will test it during my next session.
  5. Great! I am now trying to implement it into my Topsky setup. However, I stumbled over this: Where can I find this? I thought that this a tag-item that can be chosen in the ES' Tag Editor, but it does not seem to be listed there.
  6. You don't necessarily have to brief such an approach thoroughly, just have a look at the chart, check for significant differences (final approach altitude, minimum, missed approach procedure in general, navaids, final approach course) to the approach that you actually expected and briefed first. This way you will not be taken by surprise when ATC assigns that approach and runway to you. And when you are not ready for that approach yet, tell ATC that you need x more minutes before you are ready for approach. It is your responsibility as PIC to asses your situation and keep ATC up to date if you
  7. Oh, I see. There should be a way for you to start your New Member Orientation course, nevertheless. Have you tried the "Forgotten Password" option? Otherwise, the Support Team will have to help you indeed.
  8. He's only shown as "inactive", so he will be able to reactivate his account with a mouse-click.
  9. In Windows change the "standard warning sound" to what you would like to hear as a notification for your Hoppie Airborne Client. I am using a German Version of Windows and the item is called "Standardton Warnsignal".
  10. Try this: https://cert.vatsim.net/vatsimnet/statcheck.html You can reactivate there as well.
  11. Outside events, most Oceanic controllers do not use natTRAK, so you will have enough opportunities to practice voice 🙂 Recently, more and more of those ATCOs have been implementing this piece of information in their controller information that you can access as a pilot.
  12. I assumed that you started off with an IFR flightplan, then you cancel IFR and continue with a VFR approach. Usually you do this, because your destination airfield is located outside controlled airspace and has no IAPs. Otherwise there would be no point in cancelling IFR. At my outfit it is strictly forbidden to fly VFR, if not required by airspace structure and IAPs.
  13. As the others have pointed out, a "visual approach" is an IFR maneuver. You are mistaking it with a "VFR approach": when you fly to an airfield that does not have an instrument approach procedure or that is uncontrolled (AFIS only, one example is LSZS - Samedan), then you will have to cancel IFR and proceed VFR. On a VFR approach you will definitely be flying outside controlled airspace, you are responsible for traffic and terrain avoidance. A "visual approach" simply helps shortening the distance (that's usually the intention to apply/approve them) to joining the final approach segment o
  14. ...in the real world we build an extended centerline on our nav-displays, of course! That's the way to find a runway and its associated centerline. It's a lived practice every single day, no matter whether we fly a visual or an ILS approach.
  15. Okay, great information! In this case I suspect that something was a little bit funny with your installation of FSUIPC and reinstalling it may have been the road to success. Please keep us posted here or on our Discord should you encounter this again! 🙂
  16. Simaware is a third party service, so you'll have to ask the operator of it to update its database. Nothing that VATSIM can do about it. The database of GlobalNavGenerator GNG does contain your airline already. Controllers who regularly update their data will at least see your RTF callsign in their radar programs. https://gng.aero-nav.com/AERONAV/icao_airlines
  17. You can always deny a visual approach. In the US you will find that "visual approaches are in use" when you listen to the ATIS and ATC will just instruct you to execute such an approach when you report the field in sight. But in the end it is you, the PIC, who has the final word. In the real world I accept visuals at any time, because they are fun to fly, but they are not as simple as instrument approaches. So, keep on practicing them, you may need this skill one day! Obviously, ATC should not place you in an impossible situation before clearing you for a visual approach. If you are
  18. Please start here: https://docs.swift-project.org/doku.php?id=download_swift_installer We also have a number of video tutorials on this website.
  19. Hi, could you point out what database you are talking about?
  20. Yes, that's strange, something is interfering between FS9 and swift. Some virus scanner, maybe? Do you use Discord? We have a dedicated support server. There are other users and also the developers with more and better ideas than me.
  21. Ah, you are talking about FS9's text output: After joining swift's multiplayer session, now have a look at swiftGUI and select the "Simulator" widget. Is this page populated with live data from FS9?
  22. what do you mean with this "green ribbon"?
  23. The Dev-Documents do not help? https://www.euroscope.hu/wp/documentation-about-euroscope/
  24. Hi James, this is a touchy subject. Preferrebly only jump from inactive airspace to another point that is located in inactive airspace. If you REALLY want to jump into active airspace, then do so in OBSERVER mode only (I think all our pilot clients allow you to do so). In OBS mode you will be invisible to others (and thus cannot create conflicts with other members), but you can still contact ATC! Advise them of your location ("xx miles Northeast of the ABC VOR"), flightlevel and intentions and request to connect to VATSIM in NORMAL mode (or whatever pilot clients call it). Only then will
  25. Absolutely. If this happened in a real aircraft, it would be a no-go decision, because a battery should last at least 15 to 20 minutes, if not longer (on reduced load = partial avionics active). Depending on the SIM you use, in FSUIPC there is an option where you can extend battery life to infinite.
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