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  1. Dear Keisuke San, Many thanks for your kind words, It was truly a great pleasure working along with you for Vatsim Asia. Although we had to retire from our respective positions, I consider myself very lucky to have made a great friend in you About retirement , what can I say.... I suppose one can really get down to focusing on the things you always wanted to do. I'll be looking out for your aircraft in our virtual skies so that we can enjoy together, what we have been for so many years ! Good Luck my friend and Blue Skies ! Best Regards Deepan
  2. I am Happy to announce that Dave Pascoe of liveatc.net has informed Keisuke Yamane DD-VATJPN and me that he Is donating a voice server for use in Asia. The Server is based in Japan. It can be used via rw-asia.liveatc(dot)net Luca Benelli VATGOV3 has informed me that it is now available on the network thanks Luca. Many thanks Dave, I'm sure our members will be happy to hear the news.
  3. Thanks Norman Ahad, I have explained to you in detail via mail as to what is required to attempt to start a vACC let alone a Division, As Norman said it is not just a matter of creating a logo,website and making an announcement on your own about Developing a whole Division. Please continue to communicate with me via mail and I will attempt to help you with what you have in mind. I have just received your private message as well, I will communicate further with you on this shortly.
  4. Ahad, Please contact me via mail , vatasia1(at)vatasia.net
  5. Tim A lot of things are being worked on for Asia , the ASEA FSS was the first major project which was undertaken and as you have seen it has just been successful. It is still a work in Progress though. As with many such projects a lot of time and effort is needed to undertake and complete them as one can imagine and there is always a shortage of manpower and help. Thanks for your feedback regarding the ATC system. If you are in a position to contribute in any way to these ideas feel free to send me a mail and we can take this forward. Any additional help is always welcome. In d
  6. Tim Perhaps you meant VATASIA forum? if yes then as mentioned above that website anyway is about to be redesigned. The forums to use for all of Asia are available here anyway so you can post here.
  7. Yes The SEA site does seem to be down, I have mailed Bowen to check about this. The VATASIA site has had a lot of spam issues, I have asked for the forum there to be disabled. It is because of the forum being disabled that one sees the site unavailable message. The whole VATASIA site will need to be redesigned but that is going to take a lot of work and some time to complete. I have already started working towards that process. Hopefully our requirement of a site for our new FSS as well as VATASIA will be addressed simultaneously. Apologies for the inconvenience caused to al
  8. Hi Rick Thanks for the words, All credit goes to David for working hard on this and thanks to Miguel Frias and Peter Nielsen who have helped in getting this project to where it is now. Still a lot to do....... but we will get there
  9. Small correction , Testing begins on 4DEC for a period of 30days.
  10. Congrats to the Pilots and ATC for winning these great prizes, and thanks to all the others for all the hard work in making this a fun event for all those who participated.
  11. Enjoy your retirement Kyp and Blue Skies
  12. Rick can you try and open a g mail account just so that you can access the posts ? I've tried the current ID's but they bounce back to me content included , its not one of those mailer daemon type bounces.
  13. Rick the discussion for the VATSIM 10 event in Asia is still on , The mails being sent to your current ID are bouncing
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