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  1. This is just an annoyance resulting from the broken DNSSEC setup of vatsim.net, but thanks for the sarcasm. I totally dig that arrogance. And sorry caring about the security of vatsim.net, I won't bother anymore.
  2. Half a year later, this problem still persists...
  3. Hi, vatsim.net's DNSSEC setup is incomplete, and thus effectively nonexistent: vatsim.net is missing the DS signature record in the .net TLD zone, so no verifiable signature chain exists: https://dnssec-analyzer.verisignlabs.com/data.vatsim.net https://dnsviz.net/d/data.vatsim.net/dnssec/ Result is that noone can properly verify vatsim.net FQDNs and resolvers fall back to unverified responses. Also, some logs of resolvers get spammed with: Dec 20 14:07:29 infra1 named[1415]: validating my.vatsim.net/A: no valid signature found Dec 20 14:07:29 infra1 named[1415]:
  4. No, it was persistent over multiple hours.
  5. Hi, just noticed that currently LGAV_ATIS text ("controller info") does not show up in the textual data feed (vatsim-data.txt) but does appear in JSON at the same time: LGAV_ATIS:xxx:xxx:ATC:136.125:37.9367:23.9445:0:0::::::UK-1:100:7:0:4:50::::::::::::0:0:0:0::20201220181633:20201220181633:0:0:0: {"cid":xxx,"name":"xxx","callsign":"LGAV_ATIS","frequency":"136.125","facility":4,"rating":7,"server":"UK-1","visual_range":50,"atis_code":"I","text_atis":["HERE IS ATHINA VENIZELOS AIRPORT ATIS INFORMATION INDIA,","RECORDED AT TWO ZERO TWO ZERO .. APP TYPE ILS Z, LANDING RWY 0","3L,
  6. BTW; I seem to have found an earlier (April) report of this problem:
  7. So is the difference in line breaks in controller info ("ATIS") text between TXT ("^§") and JSON ("^§") intentional? The former seems to be a regression introduced some time ago and breaking at least one application (QuteScoope) which still parses the TXT for ^§ like used in JSON: https://github.com/qutescoop/qutescoop/issues/24
  8. This was certainly not picking on you, we have just recently resectorized/changed sector names and station IDs due to real world changes, after your update release. As far as I understood Jonas is working to get stuff on GitHub set up for actual new release and also having the client pull sectorization data right from GitHub - so we can update directly on GitHub and get updates "live".
  9. I have observed the same problem with the same pilot (well, callsign) as well.
  10. EDMM is e.g. broadly broken/outdated, even in the update Quotescoop data set. 🙂
  11. While Qutescoop is also the tool I use, it's still unable (like all the other tools I'm aware of) to remotely accurately display the complex sectorization structures we sometimes have in some vACCs. VATSIM lacks a central official sectorization database as "single source of truth" together with the required ruleset about which station covers which sector (in dependence of other stations (not) online) for all the tools out there to use, and a tool that's able to display the sitation in 3D, not just 2D. At least able to "think" 3D and state the right controller derrived from the active sect
  12. Hi, when a forum user subscribes to thread updates by email, that notification email is sent as MIME content-type "multipart/alternative" with a plaintext and a HTML version. The HTML version is "OK" (if you think HTML for email bodies is OK...), but the plaintext version that contains only a link to the new post in the thread has a broken link: The problem is that the parameter separator "&" is being HTML-encoded as "&" which is just plain wrong for an URL. Removing the bogus "amp;" makes the link work correctly. I guess you cannot directly do something about i
  13. The problem is not moving to ICAO format (quite the opposite - FINALLY), but doing so grossly uncoordinated without any public announcement with a reasonable pre-warning time. That gave a lot (most, almost all?) of developers zero chance to prepare their software for that change. And we now have to live with the fallout: etc. That was unnecessary. It's not that it was all too urgent now to rush this out in hush-hush mode... or am I missing something? "The real system"? Which one? The world is more than "the USA", even if VATSIM continues to ignore that little d
  14. BTW, I've found a page describing the underlying functionality, and how to prevent auto-repair for the demo configs... by separating them out into another "Feature" definition. Hope that helps: https://www.advancedinstaller.com/user-guide/qa-self-healing.html
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