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  1. Hi, vATIS says I am not connected to VATSIM although I am. Likely is the airport.xml file. I have copied and pasted it to a file and likely it has not the correct structure. Can you send it to me as a file insted of a list? Thanks, Lluís
  2. Hi, I am now logged in as LEPA_E_APP. LEPA_W_APP has set ATIS for LEPA using ES. I have set in vATIS the airport for LEIB and loaded LEIB_W profile file (west configuration). I have connected vATIS to VATSIM, set the ATIS letter, connected vATIS and clicked on "auto update". The frequency set for LEIB_ATIS is the correct as indicated in the ES *.ESE file. However, LEIB_ATIS is not listed in the ATC list when using vATIS although it is and works correctly when using the voice ATIS from ES. Thaks for your help, Lluís
  3. Hi, I am now training a controller in LEPA. We are managing two different approach sectors. He has set the ATIS for LEPA and as arriving traffic to LEIB crosses our airspace, I have tried to set the ATIS for LEIB. I did all things to connect LEIB_ATIS and apparenly it is connected and listened by me, but it is not listed in the ATC facilities. If I do it using the Euroscope ATIS it is listed. Is it possible to set an ATIS for a different airport to that being managed and if so, what should I do to make it work? Thanks in advance. Regards, Lluís
  4. Hi Colin, Actually there is no problem. What happens is that vATIS needs to be set and correctly activated by following a sequence of button presses and unless you press the right button in the correct sequence it does not work as you think. That was my situation. I suggested Justin to indicate in the manual which steps should be followed to make sure your ATIS is not only connected but also heard by pilots, because I could see the ATIS listed in the controllers list but it could not be heard by pilots. Best regards, Lluís
  5. Hi Bradley, Thanks for your help. Justin has logged in VATSIM while I was controlling and we have solved the problem online. Best regards, Lluís
  6. Hi, I am now controlling and vATIS is set. I can hear it when clicking on "preview ATIS" but the pilots say that they do not hear the ATIS. Any help will be appreciated. Best regards, Lluís
  7. Hi Justin, Thank you very much. Perhaps this information could be added to the manual, don't you think? Regards, Lluís
  8. Hi again, Could you please tell me where are the profile files saved? I cannot find the one I created. Thanks, Lluís
  9. Hi Justin, Yes I did. I followed step by step the instructions. However, it seems that I had to load it again after creating it. Now it works. Thank you very much. Best regards, Lluís
  10. Hi, I cannot select any arrival or departing runway in the "Arriving" and "Departing" columns. I have checked the *.xml files and the airports and runways are correctly listed, but there is no way to enter any runway in those columns. Am I doing something wrong? Any help will be appreciated. Best regards, Lluís
  11. Hi, My most sincere congratulations for this nice piece of software for us and for the time and effort invested. I would like to suggest to include in the help a PDF file with the manual as a complement to the web-based help. For those like me which spend too much time in public transport to move from home to the office and vice-versa, something as interesting as this to read will be much appreciated. If necessary, I can help with this. Best regards, Lluís
  12. First of all, good morning gentlemen, Following the advice of several friends working in computering I purchased a 128 Gb Kingston SSD (Solid State Disk) and, also after their advice, I installed in it only the OS (WIndows 7 64 bits), Microsoft Office 2010 and Flight Simulator 2009 to obtain a singularly noticeable speed increase. This became the main "C:" disk in my system. My "old" disk (formerly unit C:) was a dual HDD Seagate 150 Gb each configured as RAID 0 (thus behaving as a single 300 Gb HDD) and now it is my "D:" disk where I install all other software and my personal files.
  13. Hi Todor, Thank you. I have loaded it now and I hope that it will work next time I run Euroscope. By the way ... I always install ES in a personal folder which is regularly backed up but those txt files have been installed on folder C:\users\etc although I installed ES in D:\my_personal_folder\Euroscope. Could it be possible to modify the install program to install all ES related files in the folder defined by the user? Thanks, Lluís
  14. Hi Miguel, The ASE version I am using was downloaded a few days ago from the original ASE website. The version is 1.3.4032 19875. My SCT file is the Spain.sct, largely tested and normally working correctly. I can send it to you by email if you wish. The "geography" is checked in the settings to be displayed. It surely must be a problem with the sct file because I have also the Macedonia and two files for France and I can see the borders and coastlines while nothing can be seen in the Spain and Canaries files. Any help will be warmly welcome Lluís
  15. Good evening, I have new hardware and re-installed everything, including Euroscope. I have done this several times and always was fine, but this time the parameter "Aircraft category" in the "sector inbound", "sector exit" and "departure" lists does not work. I have always a "?" symbol in this field for all lists. Any help to understand what may be happening and solve it would be appreciated. Regards, Lluís
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