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  1. Do not tune to a DME High Altitude VOR because on some planes they do not come up. This may be your problem
  2. Possible answer 1. You may be out of range of the VOR 2. Try a different plane and work the VOR on this different plane 3. Radios defective?? 4. Are you tuning the VOR gage with the OBS knob?
  3. Does your instrument panel have (2) two VOR gages? If so, make sure you are tuned to the proper one. ie. VOR1 or VOR2
  4. http://www.navfltsm.addr.com/ils.htm Bring up the above site You will find it useful Bob
  5. If EGGD is in London sector you would use them for your departure etc--if they are not in London Sector you would use Unicom for your departure and taxi etc
  6. I have servinfo 2.02 and it has been working fine until today. When I try to log in I have to now hold down shift and the login icon I have done what Mike says in his post but it still requires me to hold down the two keys to log in Is there a way to not have to do this way of logging into ServInfo Thanks for any help
  7. Hi---Could some one direct me to a site where I can get charts for this area. Any and all charts are desirable Thanks
  8. I received my new Windows 8 computer, and Win 8 is light years different than XP that I had . I am now in the process of setting things up on the new machine ie mail, folders, programs etc Now back to ServInfo. I go it it running on the new Win 8 machine. This is how I did it. On my old machine I located where the Servinfo files are located. Mine were located in C/temp3. Why there I do not know. I do not recall how I downloaded ServInfo several years ago , and what made me to place the file there. So it is up to you to locate the file on your machine I then made a copy of the file a
  9. I presently have SERVinfo on my old computer with Windows Xp and I am thinking of getting a new computer with Windows 8 Is SERVinfo compatable with window 8 I see on the downlod page for SERVino it says--- XP Thanks for any help here
  10. I recently went to IE8 and Previously I had IE7. I did download some ZIP Files from the site previously when I had IE7 and I guess because now that I have IE8 the site "does not like me"???? I am saving the file now when I download it , and when I try to open it I get the error message. Even when I do not save it, but try to open it , it still gives me a error message I am using XP As I mentioned, I have downloaded ZIP files now ( with IE8) from other sites and I am able to open these files I hesitate using RAR files because I am not comfortable with it and would rather u
  11. When I go to www.vacc-sag.org I am able to bring up the web page and thence when I go to the charts link I can get the link for charts for all German Airports. I do log in with my valid ID and p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word My problem is this--When I pick ANY , repeat ANY airport and try to download the complete ZIP file this airport ---I can do this--- and I have the ZIP FILE on my computer.....However , when I try to open the ZIP file I receive this error message; THE COMPRESSED( ZIPPED) FOLDER IS IS INVALID OR CORRUPTED Of course I cannot open the ZIP file
  12. I have ServInfo 2 I am not sure how I am filtering I looked at Google for updates and it appears that there were some problems in the past for updating-- Any info here would be appreiciated--Thankyou
  13. AS you may know, the ServInfo has 5 tabs for weather VATSIM IVAO NOAA(METAR) NOAA(TAF) NOAA(Short term) I have always, for no reason, used NOAA(METAR) for obtaining my weather It appears that now, for any station, this tab is not responding for the weather The VATSIM tab is the only one responding for the weather Any one have any info here--thanks
  14. I am having dificulty getting charts for the Caribbean. I had in my Favs ,prior, some links for charts for such places as MWCR (Grand Cayman) and other places. When I go to the link now it takes me to Vatsim??--It did not do this before the "new" Vatsim page was initiated. When I get to the Vatsim page there is difficulity getting charts The new Vatsim format is good, however, there is essentially no charts on it now. There are a few there but very limited. I sent a email to Mr. Wollenbergh explaining my plight and he was gracious enough to answer my query, however, he even said
  15. I previously logged onto ServInfo Vatsim And under the window for Flight Plan Details This usually, as far as I know, indicates VFR or IFR ---I recently saw Flight Plan Detals: S What is this ie. S
  16. These charts are in a .rar format, and when I try to print them out they do not print out Any help here???
  17. In the US, flight levels below FL180 (18000) are referred to some value such as 13000 --In europe they are some thing different Is there some simple reporting of flight levels in Europe below FL180 A fellow pilot indicated to me as I was flying at 14000 ft and reporting on Unicom I was at 14000 ft --I should have said FL140 Is there some place I can get the proper "rules" for reporting FL in Europe Thanks for any help here
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